Monday, 9 August 2010

~ Happy National Day Singapore! ~

It's Singapore 45th birthday today! The country usually celebrates with a massive parade and this year, it's held at the Padang! My dad did try to get tickets (you bid for it early in the year) but were unsuccessful which is a shame as the atmosphere is almost electrifying when you are there!

I did venture into Ikea to pick up 2 bed trays. Been on the hunt for something like that but unsure if they do sell it in Ikea in UK.

Ikea in Singapore, almost similar to the one in UK although they had more delicious menus at the restaurant i.e. prawns and crayfish!!!

Then we (my l'il wee & moi) headed home to watch the Parade on TV. It was a brilliant performance and I can't tell you how proud I feel to be a Singaporean! No matter where I am, Singapore will always be home to me! And yes, I still remember my pledge & the national anthem! TTFN!