Sunday, 22 August 2010

~ Shanghai Weekend ~

Headed off to Yuyuan Gardens to see temples & a typical Chinese garden. As usual, it was packed with the locals. Then we headed to the shops to get ginseng & Chinese tea leaves.

Outside Yuyuan Gardens

Inside the courtyard of the temple

Shop specialising in Chinese herbs

After that, we headed to a state-run restaurant to have Peking duck. OMG, the food was delicious. The duck are cooked in an oven akin to those for pizzas. Then a chef comes out & slices the duck in very fine pieces. The carcass is then used for soup & any small duck remains are cooked with vegetables. This had to be one of the best meal I had.

Chef slicing the duck

Dessert: pumpkin cake

Headed to The Bunt to see the lights!

Brilliant place!

The men went to play golf in the morning. How they managed in the blistering heat is beyond comprehension. Then we headed to Sheraton hotel for a champagne brunch. An amazing spread of food, just simply mouth-watering!

Lobsters & prawns

Suckling Pig

I did the honours of cutting the chocolate cake. The taste was to die for!

The dessert section

There was just so much to eat! Simply amazing!

In the evening, E brought us for a traditional Chinese massage. Man, it was good! Felt the tension & stiffness of my neck & back lifted.

It's our last nite in Shanghai! Enjoyed the shopping but not the weather ... way too hot for me. Got so tanned simply walking around (despite putting sun block too). But it was great to get together with E. TTFN!

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lisa said...

Glad you are having such a great time. The food sounds so delish : )