Thursday, 26 August 2010

~ Back From Shanghai! ~

So we're back from Shanghai. Got in early Tuesday and headed immediately for the doctor as both of us are suffering from diarrhoea. I guess we couldn't take the food in Shanghai. Had to cancel a fishing trip to Indonesia (much to the boys' disappointment) but we couldn't risk it with our bad tummies. Can't say the medicine have helped much, in fact, I find myself in a worst state than before!

Anyway, I still managed to drag myself to meet up with some gorgeous ladies for high tea. It would be my last meeting with them.

The Joy Luck Club ladies (Joylites), as we call ourselves! All scrappers although we prefer to indulge in food as seen in our frequent meeting at 'high tea' places! :) Incidentally, this photo was taken by Jaz' little boy! 

They are the most fun, witty and enjoyable group of ladies I've known and I'm gonna miss them dearly. Thank goodness for technology ... at least I'll be able to keep in touch via 'whatsapp' and email!

This is our last week in Singapore before we fly back to the UK. I'm starting to pack the non-essential stuff just so I won't be inundated with packing on Sunday!!! Can't believe five weeks have flown so quickly. I certainly had a great time here, socialising with friends, spending quality time with the boys (sans housework... they take up way too much time I think!) and eating all the food & fruits that doesn't exist in the UK. The best part has to be food! We spend a fair amount eating out and having a great meal while in Shanghai. I just luv my food!

Well, all good things have to come to an end. Holidays included! Can't say I'm looking forward to going back but then that's life. I'm just thankful that technology has enabled me to keep in touch with friends from all over so I guess I've to rely on it. TTFN!


jazsutra said... my eyes are teary. we miss you so. come to my new house next year okie ;) thank you for your company, laughters and laughters and your warm friendship. take care my friend ;)

Coochies & All said...

I feel the same as Jaz - miss you too - you are an amazing lady and crafter and now friend, thank you so much for your company, for making me laugh - everything Audrey! Will sew some more bags for you. :)) Keep in touch and thanks for your huge support in my work! hugs, elaine
btw - thanks for all your compliments on my blog too!