Friday, 20 August 2010

~ Shanghai Expo 2010 ~

We spent the morning at the fabric market but not before seeing an old part of Shanghai.

Old Shanghai

At the fabric market, I ended up buying a winter coat (akin to red riding hood style). I left it to my friend to do the haggling & I paid very cheaply for a well-tailored coat. Hubs got 2 shirts made to measure.

The afternoon was spent at the Expo! We took the tube there but not before undergoing intense body & bag search. Gosh, it was crowded, which didn't help by the intense heat. It was flipping hot (at least 37 deg Celsius.) The ground of the Expo was massive. We went to the themed pavilions. Basically countries were given a pavilion to decorate & some went to great lengths to showcase them.

The UK Pavilion

The Spanish Pavilion

The Chinese Pavilion

My opinion of the Expo... Not worth going unless you are prepared to queue 2 hrs to enter the pavilion. And that's for each pavilion. Hubs & moi couldn't be bothered to do it. The queue was massive & feedback from those who did queue wasn't great.

Hubs & moi returned thoroughly exhausted, both from the heat & the amount of walking we did. TTFN!

PS. Excuse if blog post is weird as I can't even see my blog as Internet usage is heavily monitored here and certain sites are banned, Blogger included.

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