Wednesday, 16 May 2007

>>> Random Thoughts! <<<

Boy am I so glad that the smoking ban is coming into place on 1 July. That means no smoking in buildings. That will be such a relief! Hate going to restaurants where there's smokers and it's just spoils any appetite you have having to smell sinking smoke! That means you can start going out to pubs, clubs and not come out stinking to high heaven of smoke too! I've got nothing against smokers just can't stand the smoke from cigarettes and cigars! At the recent Christening I attended, there were a couple who was sitting in a corner of a confined room with no windows opened, smoking away and the room was filled with children and babies too! How flippin' inconsiderate! As said, I've not against smokers but I'm against them filling my breathable air with poison!

The weather's been crapped this week. Raining all week and flippin cold too. No chance to pack away any winter wear!

Been busy fulfilling my DT duties... have done a few LOs and I know I've got 2 boxes of assignment kits coming. Yeah! Nothing like having work to do! :)


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