Friday, 4 May 2007

>>> Elections & Cycling! <<<

You may wonder what the above two have in common??? Well, it's Election day today and somehow my boys are at home due to school closure... I presume their school/nursery is being used as polling station. Which leads me to wonder why do the darn Council have to use schools instead of empty church halls, community centres etc! Do they have to close the entire school down just for people to slip in a sheet of paper into a box??? Doubt very much if they will get a high attendance rate anyway!

So with the boys at home and hubby taking the day off, we decided to go cycling instead and headed towards Birches Valley Forest Centre. Day started out cold but by afternoon, it brightened up and it was a brillant day!

Zac was a literal nitemare!!! From start to finish, he complained about the bumpiness of the track and thus slowed us down considerably as he refused to bulge and either one of us had to attend to him.
Eventually we gave up and headed towards the large adventure playground where they played for a good hour plus. Surprisingly he didn't find the playground bumpy!

After lunch, we dragged both out of the playground and began our cycle! Gosh, it was fun.... nice to be on the bike again! This time, Zac was more cooperative!
There were lots of artwork along the cycle paths. Makes it a refreshing sight.
Ollie the poser! He has a knack of posing in the most amusing way!

I reckon we cycled for about a good 2 hrs plus. It was 5pm when we decided to go home. TTFN!

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