Saturday, 19 May 2007

>>> Amy Butler! <<<

Discovered a new love! Fabrics!!! Check out Amy Butler, her stuff is amazing. Oh gosh those handbags are to die for! Now I wished I had taken up home economics at secondary school instead and focus on sewing. I could easily then have made those bags! Sigh!

Then this morning, found a local retailer selling an Amy Butler fabric scrapbooking tote!!!

How pretty is that!!! Decided to google to find out more about it and eventually I was directed to US QVC to look into more detail about the bag. Completely sold and I succumbed to my weakness for bags. Apart from scrapping stash, I got a big weakness for bags of any nature. As a kid I used to change my school bags ever so often. As I grew older, my handbags accumulated as rapidly as my shoes! Anyway, what I like about this tote is that fact that it can be used for other purposes as well... some liken it to a diaper bag... too bad my boys are out of diapers. I went for the multi-coloured (Sola) bag as it appealed more to me. I'm into bright, bold colours at the moment.

Can't wait for its arrival... TTFN!


gina said...

Hi Amy Butler fan. You may be interested in reading It is an online column about quilting and Amy is a guest author.

~*Gems*~ said...

They are gorgeous :o) xx