Thursday, 24 May 2007

>>> Hambly! <<<

Postie brought me a fantastic box of Hambly goodies from Scrapitude! Oh man, the kit is so gorgeous, the overlays and papers! Not sure how I'm gonna bring myself to use them! Absolutely adore Hambly products!

The evening saw hubby & I at Lyndon Green, attending a parent's meeting with the school for Zac's entry this September. We were informed which class and teacher he will be having. He definitely won't be lonely as I saw a fair number of his Nursery mates there (oh well, recognised their parents anyway!) His best friend is even in the same school although not in the same class. I'm sure he will enjoy his Infant school as much as his Nursery! Pity Oliver won't be around as he will be in the Juniors (same compound but different buildings, each with their own Head!) TTFN!

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