Tuesday, 8 October 2013

~ I'm Still Here...~

Alrite, I just realised I passed September without even blogging! To be honest, after arriving back from Singapore, I started work almost immediately and had to also sort the house out as hubby left it in a right mess! He didn't even help me with the laundry, not even folding his own clothes so I was left with piles and piles of clothes! Took me a few days to sort them out and ironed them. Not to mention getting back to the routine and entering every important dates in my diary! Hence, September passed by like a blur!

Well, I'm more settled now. In fact, the last week saw a surprise purchase of a new car for me by hubby! It started with a leaflet he received in the post about special deals for Kia. So that weekend, we went for a look and he mentioned either an automatic upgrade for the Soul or a Sportage. At that time, we didn't think of even getting a new car... just to look see! Anyway, he was given two quotes to ponder. Then the following week, I received a call asking me what I thought! I told the dealer I've not driven the Sportage so I couldn't comment. So arrangement was made to drive one the next day. I test drive one and actually like the car that I drove in. It had in fact, came in recently, a June-registered car but the sale fell through and therefore it was up for sale but not as a brand new car. The mileage was only 34 mile when I test drove it! Told hubby and brought him to see the car on Saturday. After that, everything happened so fast and the next thing I knew, he had purchased the car after some fierce bargaining!  I was in shock! I certainly did not expect a new car, let alone owning the particular car that I fancied! So last Wednesday, we said goodbye to the Soul (which I still like) that I had for the last 2 years and said hello to the Sportage!

After driving for a week, I have to say I really love this car! Initially I was kinda scared driving such a big car but somehow got used to the 'bigness'! It comes with a lot of gadgets that I wanted but mostly the panoramic sunroof that I craved for! The only thing I missed is the reverse camera that I had in the Soul. This car doesn't have one but it does have a reverse parking sensor (still not the same as a camera). The boot is much bigger than the Soul and therefore can house a dog's cage and still have room for other stuff. I guess that's is one reason why we upgraded the car... to have more room to include not just 2 growing boys but a dog as well! So I wouldn't call it my car (although I use it often) but it will be the family car during the weekends & holidays!

I even did a page on it: 

Traci Reed & Jade Day Studio: Mom's Gonna Snap
Font: Grand Hotel

There are a lot of major changes coming my way in the next few months! Not sure how I feel but I will just adjust as it comes along! One thing for sure... I've to get rid of all my physical scrapping stash! It just needs to go as after 2 and a half years, I've not touch them nor feel inclined to play with them. In fact, I rather play digitally! I derived greater pleasure from it! So my aim is to try and shift a mountain load of scrapping items in the next couple of months! Wish me luck! TTFN!

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