Friday, 25 October 2013

~ OS X Mavericks ~

My Macbook alerted me to the latest operating system, Mavericks. After checking the reviews (mostly favourable) on the App store, I downloaded it. Did I say it was free!!! Then, after backuping my Mac, I went ahead and download. The entire process was simple. I downloaded just before having dinner, came back to it ready for me to install. Installation took about 45 mins. 

What's new? The OS added a iBook & Maps icons at the bottom. Calendar had a different look. In Finder, you can now tag folders and files (probably need to learn how to use it effectively). 

The good thing about Mavericks is that it has sorted out my Adobe Bridge! I was having problems accessing images in Mini Bridge but not anymore. 

I'm looking forward to exploring more of the new OS. So far, I'm loving it and it has actually freed up more hard disk space for me! Yay! TTFN!

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