Sunday, 30 December 2012

~ The Lust Is Finally Over ~

Ever since the new Macbook Pro with Retina Display came out, I've been lusting over it. Actually I was already lusting over the previous Macbook Pro. Initially I was concerned about the lack of optical drive and the 256GB SSD size. But I realised that I hardly use my optical disk unless I'm burning DVD of my digi kits. As for the size, these days EHD of 1TB comes rather cheaply and I do store all my digi supplies on an EHD as well as photos too! If I have less space, then I need to do more housekeeping. Plus I do have a cloud storage of 3TB so what am I fussing about?!! With my mind made up and after a lot of sacrifices and saving, I took the plunge and got the 15" Macbook Pro with Retina Display! Hubby kindly contributed half of it too (partial Christmas gift). I was lucky that I could get educational pricing so that helped greatly.

Nothing like opening a new box!

I have to say, I'm so pleased with it! The screen is amazing! Having extra 2" screen to view is fab (the old one is 13")! I'm starting this laptop from scratch, i.e. not bringing over what was stored in my previous Macbook. Only the important files will be imported. As for not having an optical drive, well, I found out that I can easily use the one in my old Macbook. That was how I installed my new Photoshop CS6, using the optical drive of my old Macbook. Typical, Apple make it so easy to use their laptops!

I'm in the midst of setting my new rMBP (short for Macbook Pro with Retina Display).  I will certainly look forward to playing with this toy over the next few days and getting to know the new features. Top on my list is to get a cover for this new toy. My old MB was protected by a cover as I would hate a scratch to appear on the aluminium body. My only peeve is the keyboard. My old MB is a US keyboard. This new one is a UK keyboard and I dislike the enter button. Why couldn't it just follow the same pattern as the US one??? Apart from that, thankfully not a lot of differences between the two. 

This laptop will have to last me the next 2-4 years. I had 3 years of joy with the old one. I won't give that one up totally. Can't really upgrade too often, given the price of Apple laptops. But they really do last! Hub is probably on his 6th PC laptop since I had my MB. Not to mention how slowly it boots up as compared to mine!

I'm off to create... on my new rMBP! TTFN!

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