Thursday, 13 December 2012

~ GIS: Inspired By Patchwork ~

The latest article using patchwork as inspiration on pages has come out, as seen here. When I think of patchwork, making quilts comes to mind. Hence, that's how my page came about: 

Jen Maddocks Designs: Secret Indulgences, Smears neutral, Tooth Fairy Dreams
Anna Aspnes: Scout Word Art No1, Scouts Word Art And Transfers No2, Foto Wallets No3
Julianna Kniepp Designs: Comfy Home, Hello Beautiful
Crystal Livesay: Hex Shape V2
Mye de Leon: Mists
Font: Tangie AJF Oysters

I was lucky that my son's Scout group pose photos on their blog (obviously with a password for parents only to see). I got these and had to document it. Found a kit that fit the theme perfectly. The patchwork represents the badges that he usually get when he completes a task, which reminds me that I've got to sew a few on my sons' shirts!  TTFN!

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