Tuesday, 1 May 2012

~ Happy Birthday ~

to me! Gosh, another year older! Thankfully, I don't look my age so I'm ok! Hubby surprised me with a handbag from Cath Kidston, for once he got it correct!

Been eyeing it as it makes a great bag for travelling where both hands are free. Now to get the matching wallet!

Been MIA due to a failed external hard disk that contains all my digital supplies including my digi library for iPhoto! One minute it was working, the next, kaput! I did back up that library but when I tried to use it, it was corrupted so literally, all my categorised digi products were gone! Shock would be an understatement!!! Anyway, poured my woes out at a forum and was advised to try Adobe Bridge as a way of viewing my digi files. Well, I do have that software so I gave it a go. Basically, it's a browsing software and one could give keywords to the files to make searching easier (it's tagging them with keyword that is gonna be the tedious part). I knew I couldn't go down the iPhoto route... it was far too cumbersom so decided to try something new instead.

First stop, a new external hard disk. I went for Western Digital Passport as I possess one and I like it. Checked it out online and then I had a brainwave. Found out that it was sold at Tesco, which incidentally was the lowest price for a 500GB so I used the accumulated vouchers to purchase it (might as well get something out from grocery shopping!) When it arrived, I had the tedious task of rebuilding my digi supplies. Unfortunately, I had lost a few files somehow but luckily, was able to re-download them from sites that I had purchased. It must have taken me a good week to sort everything out. I couldn't create any pages without a proper library for perusal. I also created a list of keywords in Bridge for my digi files although I've not actually tag every files yet. I've way too much digi supplies... just thankful that I can shut it down when I'm not using them as opposed to real stash!

(inter) National Scrapbooking Day (iNSD) is this month. Lots of sales going on. Got my eye on a couple of kits from Deviant Scrap and it's also their 2nd birthday too! Oscraps will be having sales as well during May 4th - 6th. Design House Digital is having a blog hop whereby at the end, you get a massive kit. Well worth the hop for sure!!! And I've got birthday money! I'm in seventh heaven! TTFN!

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