Saturday, 12 May 2012

~ Art Journal Caravan: Itinerary #17 ~

Have been slacking on my Art Journal Caravan entries. Then in a flash, I had this vision and thus, my art journal came about rather quickly. I chose to do the quote:

Image of Steve Jobs taken from the Internet. 
Anna Aspnes:
- Artsy Kardz Adventure
- Script Tease Learn No1
- Hand Of Time No1
- 12x12 Polka Dot Edges No1
Maya de Groot: Nuts N Bolts
Deviant Scrap: I'm With The Band
Fonts: Boxpot, AppleScruffs & Xerography

Man, I do miss this guy... a real genius who revolutionised the world literally! Never before has a phone become such an important part of me but he made it an indispensable tool! He made the world smaller and cheaper, thanks to FaceTime! Shame he passed away so early, in his prime too! God knows what he could have come up with! TTFN!

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