Sunday, 22 April 2012

~ What A Disastrous Weekend! ~

One minute the library containing my digi products was working, the next, it failed to load in iPhoto and I was stuck!!! I created a new library containing all my digi products and this was stored on an external hard disk. It suddenly failed me and no matter how I tried to repair the library, it just wouldn't load in iPhoto! Thankfully I have a backup copy in another external hard disk but that was dated 7th April which effectively meant that any new kits loaded in the library after that date wouldn't be on there (and I had loaded up a lot!) So I spent the weekend trying to load all the recently bought digi supplies and sorting them out. Very tedious I may add as I sort according to different embellishment categories eg. papers, flowers, birds etc. (like how I would do with real stash). Then I've got another category by designers & their stores. I was so looking forward to a weekend of scrapping and this had to spoil it! 

Anyway, the bottom line is always back up regularly. In fact, I shall have to designated a day in the week whereby I do my weekly backups. Never know what can happened in a split second! TTFN!

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