Thursday, 5 April 2012

~ Shopping ~

Did some birthday shopping today as it's hubs' birthday next Monday. Ordered him a cake from the Chinese bakery and hunted around the Bull Ring for a present. First stop, the Animal store but nothing caught my eye. However, a small stall outside selling handbags caught my eye instead. The bags were quite unique, unlike those sold in the High Street and the prices, very reasonable! As a result, I treated myself to this:

I thought the design was rather unique and I luv the colours. The bag came in 3 different colour scheme (black&white, black, white & red and the multicolour as seen above. You can see which one I chose (dun possess a multicolour bag until now). The bag has two large pockets on the side and for the interior, a zipper pocket and one for handphone. 

The stall only sold one of each design and the bags came from China. I suspected as much. When I was in Shanghai a couple of years ago, I had to stop myself buying too much bags and shoes! I'm so glad I discovered this stall as it's gonna be my usual haunt from now onwards! Gonna check in every couple of months to see what they have. I do change my handbags often!

I didn't forget my hubs... found him a Superdry jumper (which I'm sure he will like as he's a fan of that brand). I also managed to get a Groupon offer for one of our fav restaurants so will have to find a free nite to go out. Today has been a rather productive day! TTFN!

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