Sunday, 15 April 2012

~ Art Journal Caravan: Itinerary #6 ~

Right, this itinerary really stumped me and I skipped it. However, I couldn't ignore it forever and decided to get down and try and do it. I went for the word.

The word is 'quixotic'. Not an easy word to play with. The others in the category weren't easy either. After messing around for a bit, I stumbled upon this particular image and then everything came about together. So here's my effort:

Itinerary #6: Quixotic
Tangie: Journey12, AJC11 Parcel 30
Studio Mix19: Glorious Vision
Rebecca Mcmeen: Batiste
Anna Aspnes: Descriptive Word Transfers No1
Viva Artistry: Sign Of Times Leo
Tumble Fish Studio: Freestyle
Beth Rimmer: Steamtown Art Dolls
Fonts: Singapore & Sailor Larry Fancy

Have to say, I'm quite pleased with how this has turned out. In fact, I'm pleased how my art journals are different from each other. My aim is to explore and try out new styles and I think I'm achieving it. TTFN!

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