Thursday, 12 April 2012

~ Art Journal Caravan: Itinerary#9/11/13 ~

While on holiday, I managed to catch up on my Art Journal Caravan. I did Itineraries #9, 11 and 13. I went for the words.

The word was 'serendipity' and when I found this quote, the whole picture came together!

This took a while to form. I was playing with Tangie's Seaside Art Dolls and I created this particular doll. As soon as I saw her, I knew where I was going with this particular word 'kismet'. 

Itinerary #13.
When I saw this image of the men, I knew I wanted to use them. Then I found this particular quote and suddenly, my art journal was formed. I'm not here to stir controversy about the disease but it's my way of remembering those who died from this dreadful disease.

Have to say, I'm quite pleased with my art journey so far. I'm really enjoying it and it's stretching my imagination a lot! TTFN!

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