Tuesday, 13 April 2010

~ Bournemouth Beach ~

Woke up to another sunny day and decided to bring the boys to the Bournemouth beach. They luv the sea and sand so why not! Also the hubs had promised them a treat to MacDonald (yuks!) The beach wasn't so crowded at mid-morning. There was certainly a few brave ones in bikinis. The first thing the boys did was to strip off their shoes and played with the sand. 

We walked along the path and had lunch at MacDo then a quick walk along Bournemouth town centre. Then it was back to the beach again. This time it was packed! The sun was out in full force so not surprising we found a lot of sun worshippers out too. The boys had a great time. 

We decided to make our way home in the late afternoon. As we were travelling back, the weather changed. By the time we reached B'ham, it was gloomy and dark and it drizzled slightly. Talk about the sudden change in weather. Sheesh, if the south has such great weather, I would gladly exchange residency! TTFN!

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