Sunday, 18 November 2012

~ Totally Unexpected! ~

What started out as a nondescript day turned out to be somewhat spectacular! The morning started out innocently enough, rushing the kids for makeup violin lessons. Hubby picked us up after the lesson and said he was going to bring us to see a dog, a beagle. He's the last in a litter of 6. I looked at him and told him we are not going to get a dog and certainly not today! Just look was his answer! So we did!

And guess what! We came back with him:

Meet Banji, the latest member of our family! He's only 8 weeks old and not old enough for walks yet until he gets his jabs. Yeah, we had to pop into the pet store to get a bed, a travelling kennel and other accessories just to accommodate him! Seriously, we didn't set out to buy a dog but it happened! I had planned to go to the Frankfurt Market in Birmingham town centre as it was a brilliant day but this li'l pooch stole our heart. In fact, we even left the breeder's place to think it over and instead, headed for the pet store and ATM! I guess it was meant to be! The ironical part, moi, the one who insisted on no dog policy ended up begging hubby to get him! Am I mad? Probably but then I grew up with dogs (Dalmatian, Dobermann and Chihuahua - not all at the same time. Also goldfish, hamster & tortoise). I now add a Beagle to the list! TTFN! 

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