Sunday, 4 November 2012

~ Sunday ~

Why do the weekend go so fast?!! 

Did a shedload of grocery shopping today. Haven't shopped properly for two weeks and the fridge/freezer was bare! First stop at Tesco. Then, we headed to Wing Yip, the Chinese supermart to stock up. They have increased the shop size so it's now quite huge and airy with tons of food stuff too! Found  some frozen Durian pancakes, much to my delight!  

Did quite a lot of shopping during the Digital Scrapbooking Day sales. My main purchases were from these designers, Tangie Baxter, Rosey Posey, Viva Artistry and Marta van Eck. Mainly altered art kits for my art journals. I tend to look for stuff that I don't have, images that are unique and unusual. Needless to say, I've maxed up my scrapping budget for this month and it's only the 4th!!!

I also did my backups too. I now have 4 backup drives as I've suffered losses before and not gonna take any risks now especially in this age of digital era. Quite a productive weekend albeit not a creative one. TTFN!

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