Friday, 23 November 2012

~ Disaster ~

So our li'l pooch created the first disaster today! Hubby went on the massage chair (I got a portable back massager for him last Xmas) and tried to use it for the first time. It didn't work. Then he checked and found that li'l pooch had chewed the wire near the remote... no wonder it didn't work! To say I was upset was an understatement as I use that back massager a lot since I do suffer from back pains frequently. Anyway, he said he would try and fix it.

Well, he did! He somehow managed to soldered the wires and it worked. However, it doesn't look aesthetically nice as before! Oh well, lesson no1 learnt! Never leave wires of appliances around! I thought I was done with baby proofing the house but looks like I need to do it again! TTFN! 

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