Monday, 13 February 2012

~ Happy Birthday! ~

to my wee one! He turns 9 today!

He chose this Aero Mint cake from Asda and it was awful! So dry and tasteless! Never again! In future, it will be a cake from the Chinese bakery!

The day started with pancakes for breakfast. Then, we headed to Star City where he did half an hour of rock climbing, played a game in Laser Quest and had a round of mini golf. Lunch was at Pizza Hut. After that, he headed to the arcade to flutter away some (quite a lot) of pennies! The main thing was that he had fun! I had wanted them to learn skiing at the Snowdome but it was fully booked hence, the alternative activities!

He did get what he wanted for his present, specifically a Big hand!

It was on his Xmas list but we couldn't find it then. A quick search on the internet found one in Argos so I quickly reserved it (that was in January). It was also the last one too! God knows what he finds in it as all it does is move according to his finger movement. That's it! Still it looks cute on him! TTFN!

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