Sunday, 26 February 2012

~ Art Journal Caravan 2012: Itinerary #7 ~

I'm working backward on my AJC2012. Today, I look at Itinerary #7 and decided on the word 'dulcet'. I went for a musical theme. Here's my art journal:

I had the image of my boys professionally drawn by SJ Dowsett a few years back and I used it for this art journal.

It's nice to involve them in my art journals! I don't particularly like using photos on art journals as I feel it then becomes a scrapbook page instead! To me, art journals is an expression of one's creative thoughts no matter how absurd it will be. It pushes one to think outside the box and to indulge in one's imagination. Yes, you can employ art journaling techniques on scrapbook pages but certainly not modern day photos on art journaling pages! I checked out the definition on art journal...

An art diary, art journal or visual journal is a daily journal kept by artists, often containing both words and sketches, and occasionally including Mixed media elements such as collages. ...

Hence, I was particularly disappointed with Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling when she used family photos on her art journals (well, just one of her sample pages). It just ceased to become an art journal for me, instead, more a scrapbook page. There should be a clear distinction between scrapbook page and art journal. Saying that, one can argue about the use of vintage photo images. To me, vintage signifies the old, behind the times and most likely if a vintage person is used, that person probably isn't around anymore. There is a certain charm using vintage images. 

Then again, art is so subjective! If a person wants to employ modern day photos on his/her art journals so be it! For me, I'll leave modern photos on scrapbook pages and go for the extraordinary on art journals! TTFN!

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