Saturday, 5 June 2010

~ Wedding Update ~

Not mine but hub's youngest sis got married yesterday. Weather was brilliant... sunny and warm. It was an entirely family affair and hub's car was used as the bridal car. The wedding ceremony was held at Leicester  Register Office. The boys had to dressed up which they weren't accustomed and it wasn't long before their ties came off! 

The boys with still their ties on...

Hub & moi
(photos taken by my iPhone)

Lunch was a 3 course meal starting with goat's cheese, followed by sea bass or pork and finally a dessert dish. It was delicious! Nothing pleased me more than great food. The restaurant where the bride and groom held her reception was lovely too, lots of greenery and outdoor seating, coupled with a fabbo weather, it was just a perfect day!

I have to give a shout to my satnav app on my iPhone! I purchased this Ndrive UK & Ireland app as I was looking for a satnav for my iPhone but didn't want to spend loads on it. So when I was this app for a mere £4.99 with tons of good review, I had to get it. It was put to the test yesterday as I had to drive and this app got me to all the places I needed to go without problem! Here's a snapshot of it: 

It never lost the GPS signal and it duly informed me of any speed restrictions. You can make changes in the settings. Voice can be a little soft if you have the radio on in the car but it didn't bother me. You will probably need a car charger as it does drain the battery a lot on the iPhone. So now all I need is a cradle for the iPhone, which has been bought off Ebay now! 

The day ended back at the bride & groom's place. It was great to have the whole family together as we don't live near each other. The wedding party is held in two weeks time so it will be nice to see them again! TTFN!

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lisa said...

Glad you had such a good day. Love your dress : )