Monday, 21 June 2010

~ Concert ~

My boys were asked to take part in a Scholar Concert held at Ladywood Arc Church, one of those obligatory attendance due to having free lessons in school! It was a solo concert for them which by now, they are quite used to. Anyway, here they are in action: 

Zac playing Handel's Judas Maccabaeus as his solo piece.

Oliver playing Handel's Bourree for his solo piece. 

Gotta excuse the quality as I video-taped them using my iPhone and these photos were taken off the video. Gotta luv the Mac for including a Grab tool... makes selecting stuff so easy!

My bro alerted me to a new software for the iPhone - iOS 4. So I spent the nite downloading and installing it (which is all done via iTunes and nothing on my part) but more exploring the new software! Here are some improvements.... zoom feature for camera (about time), folders for apps (fabulous, now I've got 4 pages as opposed to 8 before), multitasking feature which means you don't have to shut down an app to use another app but the catch... the app have to be developed to work with iOS 4. I've no doubt they will eventually. You can now edit/delete songs in Playlist in iPod which before you couldn't (and that annoyed me as I had to do it in iTunes). Emails are now consolidated eg. if you have several accounts (which I do), you can go to the consolidated account to see all the new ones as opposed to going to different accounts to check each new one. The other accounts still exists. Good idea and saves a lot of time! Other minor changes ... you can now change the wallpaper, not just for lock screen but also for the home screen (the one where you have all the apps)... luv that! I luv the folders inclusion.... now my apps are so much tidier. Gotta luv Apple.... they come up with such cool stuff all the time!

Talking about the iPhone, I also created some ringtones for the iPhone using Garage Band on my Mac. Don't really like the ringtones currently on there so Sunday nite was spent creating a few from my pop music collection. Took me some time to remember but I did attend a class on Garage Band a while back and was shown how to do it. Will definitely be doing more (when time permits). 

Better get back to crafting as I've got assignments due... TTFN!

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