Sunday, 6 June 2010

~ iPhone Speakers! ~

Hubs and I have been searching for a portable speakers for the iPhone/iPod and I had seen the Vestalife speakers a while back and thought it looked very hip! It being red was a plus point too. So we set off to hunt one down within Birmingham and Solihull to no avail! Eventually, with an hour left before closing time, we sped off to Currys in Wednesbury and laid our hands on one. 

This is the Firefly. Here's the specs: 

  • innovative beautiful design, feature-rich, with sub-woofer and folding satellite speakers
  • battery (4xAA not included) or mains operation (universal adapter included)
  • works with all dockable iPods and 2G, 3G and 3GS iPhones, and has aux input for other sources
  • charges your iPod/iPhone while docked, when connected to the mains
  • full remote control and USB connection to computer for synchronising with iTunes

And here's how it looks when open. It sounds good too. Currently, not all speakers work with iPhone (as I've found out) so to find one that does in such a hip design is a plus! 

You can get it slightly cheaper on Amazon (as I've found out later) and this brand comes with other designs too, Ladybug and Mantis. Both equally cute too! But I like the Firefly. TTFN!

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