Thursday, 10 January 2008

>>> Summer Hols Sorted! <<<

Been searching for cheap airfares to go home (funny how I still call Singapore home but hey UK can never be home to me!) during the summer hols. So one day while out doing errands, I popped into Thomson travel agent to make enquiries and almost died when I found how the cheapest airfares to Singapore via Emirate airline. Told hubby and after he did a search online and found he couldn't beat the price I was quoted, told me to go ahead and booked tickets for the boys and myself.

Well, today I did it!!! I'll be there for 6 weeks with the boys with hubby joining us later as he can only stay for 3 weeks. Anyway, while at a crop at nite, hubby called to tell me they made a mistake on the return date. Instead of booking us till the 29 Aug, it was 29 July instead, thereby cutting our hols short of a month! That was it.... I couldn't scrap after nor sleep as I now have to go back tomorrow to sort it out. Let's hope I don't get charged for their mistake! TTFN!

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