Sunday, 6 January 2008

>>> Moscow State Circus! <<<

Brought the boys to see the circus as it was the last day today. Thankfully we had coupons for half price tickets and it didn't cost a bomb. It was either the circus or panto but we couldn't get tickets for Aladdin so circus it was to be!!!

Unfortunately, cameras not allowed so I only managed to snap before the performance started. It was totally a human entertainment i.e. no animals involved. Pity though as I always envisaged the circus with performing animals (based on books). Oh well, I guess with all these animal rights issue, it was probably better sans animals! Still it wasn't too bad and I did fulfil my childhood aim of visiting the circus!

Stupidly forgot to take photos of the Big Top and the surrounding when it was daylight. By the time I remember, it was nitefall and this was what I managed to capture! Duh!!!


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