Thursday, 17 January 2008

>>> Parties and Passport! <<<

As Zac's birthday is approaching, he wanted a party so we were wondering what sort of party to give him. Hubby didn't want to hold it at the Wacky Warehouse. I wasn't keen either as we had gone to one recently and it was so impersonal. Apart from the birthday boy being together with his guests during meals, no attempt was made to integrate the guests with the birthday boy. Hence, how different is it if we had simply just gone to WW to have a play as opposed to going there for a birthday party??? Then I heard about Build a Bear Workshop (previously The Bear Factory). Checked out the website and found they did parties. So I went down to Solihull to take a look and was quite impressed. Told hubby and he asked me to book it so I did! Basically they will hold a party for the birthday kid and his guests for an hour 15 mins. Then the guests get to choose a bear at the end. Sounds pretty interesting so we'll see how it goes!

This is the year where hubby, Zac and moi's passports expire! Zac's is valid for 5 years and need to change it. He still has his baby photo on it. Mine expires on the 28 Oct. I would have no problem going back to Sin on a passport that has less than 6 mths validity! However, as I'm transitting in Dubai, that might cause a slight problem so I had to make a few calls to the Sin and Dubai Embassy to check things out! Found out as long as I've got 3 month validity, I'm ok in Dubai and thankfully I do have! Sorting out my passport now would be a nitemare as it would take a good month to get a new one as opposed to 5 days if I do it in Singapore itself! Then I have to re-apply for the darn British visa again and pay the fee again and it's not cheap! Heard it's about £500 just for that piece of sticker!!! And I can't simply extend my passport as it's reaching 10 years old. Apparently my new passport would be the biometric one too! Sigh!!! Maybe it's cheaper to be a Brit citizen instead! TTFN!

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