Saturday, 28 June 2014

~ Shoes ~

I do have a couple of indulgences and they are handbags and shoes. These are the two I find it hard to resist. One of my favourite brands of shoes is Crocs. These days they do really swanky pairs and they are very comfortable to wear. In fact, I do own quite a few pairs of Crocs and I alternate wearing them just so I do not wear them out. 

Anyway, while surfing around, I found these...

I saw this pair of Huarache Flat in Singapore last year and was enthralled by the colours. I did try them on and they were really comfy! However, as I was about to return to the UK, didn't get it (wouldn't have the chance to wear them in the UK not with autumn/winter coming). Checked back a few months later and they were on sale so they went into my basket and is waiting for me in Singapore.

 I saw this pair of Angeline Graphic Loafer and really luv the colour and design. It's so unusual! But they didn't have it in my size! Then last week, saw them in the sale, had my size and just had to get them. They are now waiting in Singapore for me. Actually saw them online in Crocs Singapore. I can't see them anywhere else in other countries. Just hope they are comfy! Taking a big risk here!

Read the reviews for this pair of shoes (Patricia) and love the heels on them. I'm not keen on wearing flats and prefer my shoes/sandals with slight heels. I wanted a red one which is more attractive but the black one was on offer so went for it. Well, being black I guess I can wear them with any clothes! Again, waiting for me in Singapore! Looks like I won't need to bring any pairs of shoes with me to Singapore for holiday this year...

I saw this pair of Retro Sneaker online in Crocs UK. Now that I do Zumba twice a week, I do need a pair of proper shoes as the ones I'm currently using have a curvy sole and it's not easy doing Zumba with them. I picked them today. Sad to say they are on the small side. I went for 4 1/2 size but they are just too tight. Shame as the shoes are so comfy and light too. And I simply love the colour!!! Anyway, I'm returning them and ordering a size up as they will be perfect for Zumba! It's a shame that in some Crocs shoes, UK4 fits perfect while in others, I have to go for UK5. Crocs sizes are not consistent at all!!! 

Now I don't like wearing flat flip flops. So when I saw these Capri IV Leopard Print Flip Flop on UK Crocs site, I was bowed over. They look stunning and I luv the slight heels on them! Received them and tried them around the house. They are of a relaxed fit so they are loose on the feet but it doesn't affect walking about in them. They are ever so comfortable and light too! And I love the massage pod on them. Definitely worth getting another pair for keeps!

 I came across these on the UK Crocs site. Now I've been wanting a pair that I can use on the beach, pool etc. and these seem perfect for it! Typical me went for the pink one 

I think they look gorgeous! I'll probably use them if there's any water activity about as I don't particularly like walking barefooted.

A girl can't have too many shoes!!! Hopefully they will last me this whole year. I don't mind buying them as they are ever so comfy as I can walk for miles in them. No other pairs of shoes have come close to the comfort level of Crocs. And they have certainly re-invent themselves coming out with really funky, swanky pairs! TTFN!

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