Monday, 30 June 2014

~ On Display: GIS ~

It's been a long time since I've showcased any of my pages. Here are some pages made for Get It Scrapped blog. It's a blog filled with interesting articles on scrapbooking, almost like a magazine except it's online. The article will certainly get you out of a rut if you happen to be experiencing one!

Using Large Scale Geometric Print Background article.

Wing Motif article.

Using Tulle article.

Linocut Looks article.

Retro Filtered Photos article

Using Text as part of Page Design article.

Retro Tech Motifs article.

Trendy Brush Script Element article.

Using Glitter article.

Layered Stenciled Work article.

Arrange Photos & Elements with a Bracket Foundation article.

Inspired by Woodland Scenes article.

My pages are linked to the articles. There are a lot more articles on the blog to aid in scrapbooking, both traditional and digital. I find them a great source of inspiration especially if you wanna add a little oomph to your pages. I certainly find that the themes I have to work to produce the pages are my best as it makes me look outside the box and come up with ideas how to scrap them. I really love those pages that I produced! Did I say those articles are free to read too! TTFN!

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