Sunday, 20 April 2014

~ On Display: Vicki Robinson Designs ~

Recently joined Vicki Robinson's creative team. I have actually designed with her stuff over at Scrap Art Studio but luv them so much that I applied for her team and was accepted. She recently came up with a new kit called Happy and here's my page: 

Well, this page documents my trip to India. We had a 9 hrs layover at New Delhi airport and it was a nightmare! We had to re-checked our luggage at the domestic airport and waited three hours before the counters opened. Then an hour in the queue as they seemed to want to chat among themselves instead of serving passengers! Really frustrating! I had pre-booked a private lounge within the departure hall but I could only access it upon checked in so you can imagine my annoyance at the delay in check-in.  Oh well, this is India! Thankfully my two boys are seasoned travellers and put up with this blip without complaining. They certainly did help themselves to the buffet upon arriving at the private lounge. 

Vicki's currently guesting at Oscraps and her kits are 30% off.

Here's another one done using her Almost Spring kit: 

Her kits are fun to play with. TTFN!

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