Friday, 16 August 2013

~ Sentosa ~

This week, my SIL and her hubby are in Singapore so we played hosts and brought them around. Today we went to Sentosa and had the most amazing time. SIL wanted to try iFly and the last time we were in Singapore, that part of the attraction wasn't ready. I couldn't resist giving it a go and my two boys decided to go for it too. 

First we had a talk by the instructor, showing us some basic sign signals that he would use. Then we were shown the basic limb positions. Once we demonstrated it, we were ready to fly!

All of us were given 45 seconds and we had 2 tries. All I can say is 'Wow'! It was the most amazing experience and quite exhilarating one too! Once you got the hang of it, it was easy. 

Definitely worth trying a second time!

Then we had a go at Segway. Again another fun activity. 

Finally tried the Luge too. We had 5 times on it and by the end, we had enough. All of us were racing with each other and had to avoid the newbies who were rather slow on the track! We even managed to coordinate such that all our photos were taken together (pic coming soon when I have the chance to scan it in).

Fun day, that all I can say! TTFN!

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