Monday, 27 June 2011

~ What's Up With The Weather? ~

The day started brilliantly! It was warm and sunny. Actually it was very warm and humid. And this was the temperature I captured on my car at that particular time:

Seriously, I couldn't believe it! No wonder I was perspiring! But it didn't last long. It drizzled a little in the afternoon. Why can't it just stay hot?!!

On the creative front, I'm almost done with my Summer Vacation 2010 album. I'm ecstatic as all these years, I have always wanted to do a summer vacation album but never got it done. The closest I got was to decorate the album and that was it! But since going digi, it has been far easier to create pages and finally, my pages for the album is done. Now all that is left is to decorate the front cover and then I can sent them off to be printed into a Photobook. Not sure how it's gonna turn out as it will be my first time publishing it. Anyway, here are the last few pages...

I have deliberately kept these pages simple, i.e. not much embellishments as I'm not sure how it would look on a printed page especially in a book! Besides, I was racing against time so I needed them simple! I was lucky to get a Groupon deal on a Photobook hence that is why these pages will be printed. Off to edit them now. There are a couple of LOs whose colours need changing! TTFN!

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