Friday, 24 June 2011

~ Oops! ~

Ok so I've been busy and have neglected my blog. There's so much things happening at the moment, especially this month! Let's see if I can show them instead!

First week of June... half term and we were down in West Dorset at West Bay. Booked a caravan for 4 days. Boys enjoyed themselves. They went crabbing and loved it! We spent time with our hub's sis and her family too. 

The boys rolling down the pebbled beach at West Bay. 

Here they are crabbing to their heart's content!

The second week of June, we entertained some friends from Singapore. They were here for the weekend and we brought them to Cadbury World, which never fails to amaze any foreign guests! I managed to find a 20% discount coupon online which we used to buy the tickets! Gotta luv the internet!

A LO to document our trip to Cadbury World. For once, we were all looking at the camera on the Cadabra ride. I look fat (who wouldn't with a jumper under a coat!) but it was a particular cold day that day.... it literally rained all day! Darn weather!

The 3rd week of June was another busy week as we (hubs & moi) attended Parents' Evening in the new school of Oliver. We were pleased with what we saw and we got uniforms for him too. Then Oliver was off to camp that weekend!

The 4th week saw my youngest receiving Star of the Week cert. I had a text to attend his Assembly. (A LO will be coming soon!) Then, I had guests from Singapore again, who stayed over for a nite. We brought them around B'ham Town Centre and had dinner at Jimmy Spices! Finally, I received news that Oliver made it to the Birmingham Youth Orchestra. He had to audition for it and he got in! So chuffed for him and well deserved too! What that means... a 3 hr practise every Sat from 9am - 12pm from Sep onwards! Never mind that he will also be joining the School Band in his new school too. 

It's the Summer Fayre at my boys' school tomorrow and I'm helping out. Fingers crossed for a sunny day! What does next week brings? Another Assembly attendance for the older boy and Sports Day! Sheesh! Who ever said the role of a mommy was a relaxing one!!! TTFN!

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