Monday, 25 April 2011

~ Scrap Factor: Week Two & Back Home! ~

Voting for week two has started which can be seen here! This week, we are supposed to be inspired by a printed advert. Managed to find one online (that was previously printed) and my LO came on fairly quick. Luv the colours in the advert. Voting ends on Friday where we will find out our fate! It's been fun so far and I've learnt a lot more about digi scrapping. Not surprising, my Mac has also been inseparable from me lately! 

Just got back from a weekend getaway from Poole. Been a beach bum for 3 days. We literally spent our time on the beach, basking in the glorious sunshine. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing with the sand, just digging holes and swimming in the sea. Can't fault the weather, it was brilliant. Felt as if we were experiencing summer, not spring! I leave with a couple of photos...

Hubs & moi in the canoe.

The li'l wee one crawling thru' a hole that was dug. 

Somehow, the boys always have to find an unusual way of playing in the playground!

The Easter break is almost at its end. How did 2 weeks fly so quickly? Oh well, another 4 weeks to go before half term again! TTFN!

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