Sunday, 19 September 2010

~ Nesting Instinct?!! ~

No, I'm not pregnant but have developed a sudden urge to spring clean! Started at work (now that I've been promoted) and cleared the drawers and lockers and arranged everything so that it's much more organised! Today, it was the pantry that I tackled! Chucked out outdated food stuff (how they accumulated that long I do not know...) and re-organised the shelf. Told hubby he had better keep it neat as typical man, he simply stuff food items anywhere without realising that each shelf has a certain category! I then sent him to clear the side of our house as this particular area has been hoarding boxes of electrical equipment that we have bought. Why they have been kept is beyond comprehension but hubs cleared them out and took them to the dump. However, he only did halfway and there is still a large mess on the floor (which I suspect are stuff toys). I think a trip to the car boot sale is required as I'm determined to de-clutter before the weather gets too cold!

Speaking of cold, I think summer has come to an end. We have turn on the heater as it's get way too cold at nite now. In fact, read the news that it will get even colder soon! Urghh!

We have been busy attending Open Days in Secondary Schools as we have to fill in the form by 1st Oct. All I can say it's stressful! At least my eldest now has an idea which school he wants as his first choice!

Here's him trying on a helmet used in a war. Well, it's the history department!

The next room that I'm gonna tackle will be my craft room! It's due for a spring clean and a lot of stuff have to go as they have been sitting in there for years, untouched! Think I'm gonna be brutal and really clear out as my priority is slowly but surely shifting and I need to clear the space for future use! Where I'm gonna start clearing will be a good point..... TTFN!

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