Saturday, 7 November 2009

>>> Saturday! <<<

Spent the good portion of the day at the Hobbycraft in the NEC. Basically it's a craft exhibition. It's been a while since I went and as I managed to obtain a cheap ticket using my Tesco vouchers, I just had to make a visit. I had an enjoyable time. There were a few stalls selling scrapbooking stuff and I managed to grab what I wanted including some surprised finds too. I even had time to visit the Craft for Christmas fair as well and enjoyed the food section a lot! Hubs dropped me off as it was way too expensive to park there.... £8! I rather spend it on stash! Just as well, we only live about 10 min away from the exhibition hall (and the airport... very convenient!)

The day started out lovely, sunny albeit cold but when hubs picked me up, it drizzled. Shame as we wanted to have a firework display. So instead we watched other people did theirs! Think we will keep ours for the New Year! TTFN!

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