Monday, 1 July 2013

~ June's News ~

Gosh a month went by without blogging! Unfortunately, June was a very busy month for me. My cute pooch fell ill after being castrated (nothing to do with the castration) but instead it was diagnosed as Beagle Pain Syndrome. The symptoms were high fever, not eating and lying down. It was worrying initially as we had no idea what was causing it and the vet assured us that it had nothing to do with his castration. Then another vet discover the Beagle Pain Syndrome and informed us. The treatment was steroid. I had to leave my pooch overnight at the vet as he had not eaten for 3 days and I was getting worried. Fortunately, the treatment worked and the next day I picked him up. He was weak but wagged his tail when he saw me. What a relief. Anyway, he's still on steroid treatment although his dosage has been reduced considerably. Hopefully he will come off it soon. 

Poor pooch. Noticed how skinny he looked! Picked him after an overnight stay at the vet. 

Towards the end of June was my son's Summer Fayre at his school where I usually help out but on the same day was a birthday bbq of my eldest and my nephew! A little early but it was the only day we could meet and celebrate as the next 3 weekends in July are way too busy for me. Hubby's sisters and parents were there for the celebration so it was a large gathering. Thankfully, the weather co-operated. It was sunny and warm, perfect for bbq.

Fab day for a bbq!

In between June I created and will be showcasing them over the next few days! July's gonna be another busy month for me too... violin concerts, parents' evening, Governor's awards, violin exam etc. Definitely looking forward when the school term ends on 23rd July!!! TTFN!

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