Friday, 21 March 2008

>>> Oops! Been Busy.... Serious! <<<

Whoa! Long time no post! Just been so busy with the boys' schedules... I swear their schedules are far more busier than mine!

Anyway, some stuff to share! My LOs/projects that I did with BackPorch Memories Mar kit featuring CDG Studios papers.

A 12x12 LO!

My 'Happiness is...' mini album. Tried out the maze album where I got the instructions off the net. The inner pages are construction using a single sheet of 12x12 cardstock. I did the album very simply and made use of stamps to complete it.

This LO is for a challenge I set on BPM forum. Based on the theme 'Power of 3', you have to use an item 3 times on the LO. Challenge is still ongoing and any challenge attempted gain you an draw ticket where if you're lucky you can get some goodies off Paula! She does amazing prizes!
This was done for the newsletter. A tic tac toe gameboard.

I'm also more involved in Zac's school as well, helping out and come April, will be working as a lunchtime assistant there. Again, a slow tease before I embarked into the working society. Having been a SAHM for 5 years, it can be a shock to the system to go back to work suddenly. Beside, since I'll be off for 6 weeks in Singapore during the summer period, seriously doubt if any company will let me off for that length of time unless you're working in schools!

Anyway, the boys now have an extra activity to occupy them. Signed them up for martial arts class, well, more a self-defence class. It's on every Mon and Thur evening although you don't need to go for the 2 days and best of all, they aren't subjected to term times. Most activities seem to die off when it's the holidays. So the boys do have their swimming and martial arts activites to occupy them.

Rite, I'm off to Chessington Park later for the weekend. Didn't feel like going to Legoland again so chose another theme park for the boys. They will be going with their cousins and their mom! MIL is coming along as well. Oh the joy of having 4 boys this weekend! Found out that the weather will be an absolute crap! That's the Brit weather for you! Anyway, more photo opportunities..... TTFN!

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