Sunday, 31 December 2006

>>> New Year's Eve! <<<

It was such a dismal day today... literally poured all day long and some New Year celebrations had to be cancelled due to gail and the wet weather! At one stage there was even hailstones against the windows! What a day to end the entire year!!!

We stayed in obviously but also the kids are far too young to be brought out so late at nite. MIL came over for dinner.

Gosh, a whole year gone.... just amazing. Wonder how fast next year will fly too! Happy New Year everyone! TTFN!

>>> Shopping! <<<

Went to the Fort's Shopping Centre today as we needed to check on the boys' shoes. Gosh the place was packed out! Didn't help that it was such a dreary, gloomy day too. Anyway, thankfully they didn't need any new pairs for the moment. I took at look at their boots but wasn't enthralled by any. Hubby managed to secure himself a pair though. Then we went to ELC where I bought a magic maze refill for the boys. Zac was given a box of them and they both enjoyed making stuff with it. After that, headed back home... couldn't be bothered to walk around! TTFN!

Friday, 29 December 2006

>>> Friday Again! <<<

Gosh, the last working day of the month! Can't believe this year has gone so quickly.

I had a play with my Imagepac, the stamp making kit but unfortunately, haven't had any success creating stamps that were usable. The image isn't clear and I called Imagepac for help. Was told it could be due to the light so I did try putting it higher but to no avail... tried lower but made no difference! Now wondering if I got some dude packets of gel!!! Frustrating!

Anyway, managed to do a DT LO.

The afternoon was spent at MIL's house where Ollie wanted to stay overnite. Fine by me! TTFN!

Thursday, 28 December 2006

>>> Happy Feet! <<<

Brought the boys to watch Happy Feet today. I certainly did enjoy it as there were lots of musical and dancing scenes in there. Just makes you wanna dance! Went to Solihull Touchwood and after the show, went to Lakeland but wasn't inspired to buy anything. Managed to buy the last ever copy of Creative Scrapbooking where I had 2 layouts in there. We were out the whole afternoon. That took care of the boys as it's a struggle trying to keep them occupied! TTFN!

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

>>> Back To Reality! <<<

Hubby went back to work as there was no reason for him to be off. Postie came with a parcel for me... Fontwerks alpha stamps and 7 Gypsies square stamp. Gosh almost forgot about them! Still no sign of my Homegrown Nov Hybrid kit yet... very frustrating! Just hope it isn't lost as there's tons in there.

SIL came by with her daughter and we had a chat. Later we went to the park where the kiddies amused themselves.

Post Xmas sales started (actually started on Boxing Day). I'm not so bothered really... don't have anything that I particularly want and frankly just can't be bothered to brave the crowds to shop for a sale item. I've not shopped for a while and I really hate crowds! In fact, these days, I much prefer shopping online... hence, gonna give it a miss unless I can think of something I want! TTFN!

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

>>> Boxing Day! <<<

Boxing Day!

I had a lie in while hubby brought the boys out on their bikes to the park. Then at 12ish, we started to get ready to go to MIL's house. We're having another Xmas meal there.
It seems the entire Tso clan was there, hubby and his 3 sisters together with their families. It was like a mad house! We had a buffet style dinner as the table isn't big enough to handle all of us! His dad made roast pork and it was just plain delicious!

Then later, it was the exchange of pressies and the kids all went wild, as you can see in the photo! I suppose it is nice to see their excitement. But gosh, the whole place was a mess with wrapping papers.

While the adults watched DVD, the kids busied with themselves, playing with each other. They don't get to see their cousins often. Later, hubby's aunt, cousin & family came! It was extremely crowded! After we had tea, hubby decided to go home as it was approaching 8pm. It was a pity we couldn't manage to get a family photo as it was one time where the entire family members are around but it would have been a logitical nitemare to organise it! Unfortunately they are the memory recording kind of people! Pity! TTFN!

Monday, 25 December 2006

>>> Xmas Day! <<<

Merry Xmas everyone!

Thankfully the boys didn't wake up so early. In fact we had to even wake Zac up. Not surprising since we had a hard time getting them to bed early last nite. Both boys squealed with delight and both had a different approach to opening their presents.

Ollie's way was to throw out all the pressies from the sack and literally tore them apart! Zac slowly but surely took each individual pressie out and opened slowly, and even stopped to look at each one. Hence it wasn't surprising that Ollie's excitement soon turn to his brother's and asked if he could open Zac's pressies! Once done, both proceeded to go to the kitchen where Ollie fitted his Star Wars Lego and hubby helped fixed Zac's Playmobil aeroplane! Here's the aftermath after all that hardwork:

Thankfully SIL and boyfriend then left to go to MIL's house as they wanted to sleep longer.... we busied ourselves with the boys, playing with them. Later, hubby prepared the veggies for the Xmas dinner. Turkey is being handled by hubby's dad, who incidentally is a chef and a damn good one too!

About 1ish, hubby's parents, sis & boyfriend came over and the dinner started. His dad did a good job at the turkey... wasn't dry at all and tasted fabulous. Hubby did well with the veggies too. Not mushy at all ... absolutely detest eating overcooked veggie!

The afternoon was filled with more snacks. Gosh, never really pigged out so much before. Didn't go for the Xmas pudding though nor minced pies... don't really like them. At 7ish pm, they eventually left and I got the boys to bed. It was a great day! TTFN!

Sunday, 24 December 2006

>>> Xmas Eve! <<<

It's Xmas Eve today! Made some last minute goody bags for my nieces and nephews since we are giving them cash instead of presents.

Wrapped up some last minute presents too, mainly the boys' bikes. We had a hard time hiding them and hubby did a good job of refurbishing Ollie's old bike. Let's hope Zac doesn't realise it.

Hubby's youngest sister and her boyfriend stayed over... personally I'm not so keen as I don't really like her. She's such a snob and ever so fake! For someone raised in a working class family, it's amazing how high she can raise her nose!!! As it was Xmas eve, we were busy trying to sort out the boys' gifts so we didn't sleep till after 1am. SIL's boyfriend had the cheek to come upstairs and ask if we were ready to go to bed, saying all the moving around was waking him up.... flippin heck! What a wimp! Mind you, we placed them in the living room which is slightly away from upstairs. Be interesting to see his sleep patterns once they have kids.... probably gone out of the window! TTFN!

Saturday, 23 December 2006

>>> Last Minute Madness! <<<

Hubby and his mom went to Marks & Spencer to collect the turkey that they had ordered. They went pretty early like 8ish and was lucky to get a parking space. By the time they came back, town was chocablock with people. MIL had gotten me a lovely red M&S small carrier bag. It will come in handy for crops!

Later we nipped out as I needed more wrapping papers for the boys' bikes. Then I remembered that I do not have a lamp for my stamp making kit so went searching for one. Can't believe how difficult it is to find one that takes 60watt and with a movable body. Managed to find one in Argo but it was maximum 40w. Well that will do until I find a proper one.

The boys are getting excited now... well, who wouldn't at their age. Oh well, as long as their belief in Santa exist, we will carry on humouring them. TTFN!

Friday, 22 December 2006

>>> Friday Again! <<<

Brought Ollie to the doctor who confirmed he picked up some bug but was told the worst is over. Indeed, he hasn't thrown up and is eating slightly more and felling better too. However she did say it was contagious so now keeping my fingers crossed that Zac doesn't catch it as well. If he does, at least after Xmas please!!!!

Ohhh, postie brought me 'The Look Book' by Autumn Leaves & a photography book. Had ordered it from Idea Books 4 U and didn't expect it to come so early. Glad at least I've got some books to keep me occupied over the Xmas period. Nothing worst than being bored! Still waiting for a pizza box from Homegrown... know it contains loads of goodies and Royal Mail isn't helping by delaying it!

Got all my pressies wrapped up yesterday. Let's hope there isn't any last minute ones... I just had enough of Xmas for the time being! TTFN!

Thursday, 21 December 2006

>>> Sick! <<<

Poor Ollie... woke up in the middle of nite and had a puke! We reckoned he ate too much for dinner so was feeling uncomfortable. However, 2 hrs later, he did it again. And again at midday! This time, we suspect he may have picked up a virus instead. May have to bring him to the doctor's tomorrow if he's still unwell.

I had wanted to go to WHSmith to get a magazine but as I was driving towards the Fort's Shopping Centre, realised it was very foggy and decided to turn back home. Instead, went to pick up my Creating Keepsakes magazine from the newsagent. Just can't believe how foggy it was and couldn't resist taking a shot!

Spent the afternoon with the boys in bed, watching the cartoon channel. Gave Ollie some bread for dinner but he promptly threw what he ate so sent him off to bed again. Poor soul went to sleep early.

Rite, the dreaded task of wrapping pressies.... and making tags to go with it.... TTFN!

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

>>> Lots Of Mundane Stuff! <<<

It's Ollie's last day in school. There was a carol service and Zac and I attended it. Made a goodie bag for other teachers. Used a french fries template and filled it with choccies! Gosh, those choccies are absolutely lovely. And they are from Lidl... I think I will be buying more snacks from there as I've discovered that they bring in Spanish and German snacks too... my all time favs! (Yeah, I've been to those places and eaten their snacks and luv them... ). Hubby luvs the German gingerbread biscuit covered with plain choccie... well, we both have to fight over the last piece the last time!

Later we went home where I had to finish off some stuff. Then we went to the post office to post of some letters. On my way back, stopped by the newsagent and went in to ask if they could order Creating Keepsakes magazine for me. Guess what! They could and I'll be getting my January issue tomorrow. Gosh, never realised they could and if I had known, would have done so earlier. When my subscription ended in January this year, I didn't bother to renew it and spent the whole year without the magazine. Then at a crop on Sunday, managed to purchase 2nd hand Jan 06 issue and boy did I picked up a lot of inspirational ideas.... Definitely going back to reading the magazine again next year. The other magazine I luv is Scrapbook Etc. It's packed with lots of ideas too but I've a friend who gets that for me in Singapore. Might ask my newsagent if he could get that in too....

Gosh it was absolutely freezing today and the temperature went down to 0 degree celcius. It was also very foggy this morning. Even with the heater on in the house, it's still so cold! Yuks!

Ohhh, more Fontwerks stamps arrived today. I got them from 2peas. They are absolutely fantastic and will have to see if I can squeeze in a bit of scrapping tonite... just dying to scrap a layout! TTFN!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

>>> Ollie's Xmas Party! <<<

It's Ollie's Xmas party in school and we were asked to bring in an item of food. Mine was cheese rolls and I had great difficulty finding it in the supermarket as I had no flippin idea what it was! In the end, got hubby to hunt it down and we ended with a bag of cheesy crisps... still not sure what they are really! (Obviously we don't eat them!)

There were lots of activities in school and each class made a fancy hat and Ollie's class did a chicken hat... have to say, it's absolutely gorgeous!

Zac's nursery arranged a church visit and we went in the morning for a history tour of the church. Never knew it was a 500 year old church with loads of historical facts attached. Was very impressed with the visit. The kids later sang Xmas carols in the hall. Well, it's his last day today.

Here's Zac helping out with the story telling by placing Joseph the doll near the scene set.

Later, together with MIL, we headed to Birmingham town centre to get some last minute presents. So annoying, the offers that we saw at Marks & Spencers regarding biscuits were gone. I had to hunt around for some other offers which weren't much!!!

Spent whatever time I had finishing off Ollie's teachers' presents. Altered a clipboard for his main teacher and got Ollie to draw so that I could stick something at the back. Have to say, his drawing is quite impressive but then I'm biased! LOL!

Now all that is left is Xmas cards which I suspect will be arriving late at recipients! Gosh, I'm so dying to scrap! TTFN!

Monday, 18 December 2006

>>> Zac's Xmas Party! <<<

Zac's nursery had a party today. We were treated to a show by Conk the Clown then later a visit to Santa's grotto for Zac to collect his pressie.

I made him put it under the Xmas tree and he did! Gosh, what patience!

Came back to 2 parcels on my doorstep... my Scrapitude DT kit and a Scribble Scrabble Xmas kit that I bought... intending to do a mini album of this year's Xmas later. The other parcel was my L Plates Xmas swap. I quickly put it under the Xmas tree. I had organised this among my team members on UKScrappers and each of us is Secret Santa to another and we sent them an Xmas gift according to their likes.

Spent some time on the gifts for Ollie's teachers. I've this overwhelming urge to scrap layout instead of doing gifts! Oh well, best get it over with!!!! TTFN!

Sunday, 17 December 2006

>>> Crop! <<<

Yah, had 7 glorious hours of peace and quiet... went to Martha's Birmingham crop and managed to complete my altered gifts for friends. Did a clipboard but realised I had left some materials at home so saved it for later. Finished up a DT LO and even managed another one. Best of all, a very nice lady made some pudding and we had it... gosh it was delicious! Something like a trifle and I generally don't eat it but hers was just fabbo!

Later at nite, packed a hamper for Zac's teachers at nursery. There are just far too many teachers to do anything individually so decided to do a hamper of food. Found out that hubby had threw away lots of pizza boxes and after hunting around my craft room, managed to find an empty box. It took me a while to wrap it up and stupidly forgot to take a pciture of it! How dumb! I couldn't find my bag of cellophane wrappers so used cling film instead. Now need to finish off Oliver's teachers' gift! Can't wait for Xmas to be over... already fedup with it and it isn't even here yet! TTFN!

Saturday, 16 December 2006

>>> Tagged! <<<

Been 'tagged' by Kimmy so here goes:

A - Available or single: married
B - Best friend: Ellen
C - Cake or pie: cake and preferably chocolate
D - Drink of choice: Water
E - Essential item you use every day: lipstick
F - Favorite color: red
G - Gummy bears or worms: neither
H - Hometown: Birmingham, UK
I - Indulgence: Chocolate
J - January or February: neither as these are the coldest months!
L - Live is incomplete without: hugging and kissing my kiddies
M - Marriage Date: 25th Feb 2000
N - Number of siblings: two brothers
O - Oranges or Apples: neither, prefer 'duku' a fruit found in the Far East
P - Phobias or Fears: Cockroaches, lizards and any creepy crawlies
Q - Fave Quote: "Live to Scrap"
R - Reason to smile: When I see the sun in this country which isn't often!
S - Season: Summer
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: Toni, Marja, and whoever that has read this!
U - Unknown fact about me: I break into cold sweat when I'm in a confined space for too long.
V - Vegetable you don't like: beans, peas and bean sprouts
W - Worst habit: getting easily annoyed behind the wheels
X - X-rays: dental
Y - Your fave food: noodles
Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus

Brought Oliver to Touchwood, Solihull for a birthday party. He was invited to watch a movie and thereafter to Pizza Hut. While he was enjoying himself, I walked around the town centre to see if I get anything but nada. There was a French market there too. In the end, decided to go home instead of hanging about to wait for Oliver. I picked him up later.
I started reading my book by Jeffrey Archer. Boy was it fascinating and it's so hard to put down. Took a break from any creativity today.

Caught the X-Factor and was glad that Leona won. She deserves it as she has such a good voice.
Rite, need to pack for a crop tomorrow... TTFN!

Friday, 15 December 2006

>>> Busy! <<<

It was Oliver's school Xmas play today. Hubby took a day off and we went to watch it. It was quite good, about a family watching TV and a list of shows coming on and the kids acted out each well-known TV programmes. I was impressed! It has been videoed so I might just get a copy for memory keepsake!

After the show, hubby and I went into B'ham town centre to do some Xmas shopping. We trudged around town for 3 and half hours and did we have anything to show for??? Nada! We couldn't agree what to get for his nieces and nephews and therefore didn't get anything! Well, at least for lunch, I did get to eat at Wagamama. Nice food in there! In the end, we are gonna get them money... I know my nieces and nephews get endless toys from their parents so pointless getting them something they don't want. I told my MIL to give the boys money too. In fact we have cut down on the toys we are buying. Both are getting a bike each instead!

Ohhh, my Xmas gift came today... an Imagepac stamp making kit. Can't wait to have a go at it but need to ensure I've got the lighting first.

Hubby had to go out tonite with his friends for an Xmas celebration. I'm thoroughly knackered with all that walking in town and sporting a splitting headache too so I'm off to bed early... TTFN!

Thursday, 14 December 2006

>>> Just Do It! <<<

Made some cards today. It's surprising how fast I could do them when I put my mind to it. Well, they are mainly for friends and relatives. Sorted out the boys' Xmas cards for their friends too.

I've finally got myself a camera tripod after hankering for it for a year. Wanted one last year but at £30, wasn't keen on paying that price for it. Then Lidl had one today for £15 so went and grabbed it. Later found one that Agos was doing one for about £7ish but while comparing the facts, found that the Argos one is far more heavier which means it won't be comfortable carrying it around. Hopefully that will put an end to blurry nite pictures!

Ohhh, I've found my lost ear-ring that went missing a while back. I was putting on Zac's shoes at the bottom of the stairs when I suddenly saw it. However couldn't find the back part of the ear-ring but I'm not too upset as the main one, the one with the tear drop jade is safe and sound. Not tempting fate again, decided not to wear it.

Made this quick LO:

Played with my stamps and a wee bit of patterned papers. As you can see, it's more fun creating LOs than cards! TTFN!

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

>>> Xmas Cards <<<

Spent the day sorting out the Xmas cards. Finally hit me that it has got to be done so sorted the cards for the boys as these are handmade! As for the rest, I've got 2 boxes of bought cards ready!

I ordered my Xmas pressie (from hubby although he doesn't realise it yet!) last nite as I was alerted to the online store that was offering 50% discount on all its products, including the Imagepac stamp making kit that I wanted. Bloody store had marked up the price though but after discount it's still cheaper than most places! So without hesitation, place an order for the kit plus accesories. And guess what, today received an email that item has been shipped and I could track its progress! Very impressed with the service! Will see if I get them tomorrow!

Here's a LO I did late last nite but put on the finishing touches this morning:

I was trying out a different style, the artsy funky style if you can call it! Played with my Dream Street papers and my Fontwerks stamps. Wow, absolutely 'heart' that Fresh Foilage stamps... they are so darn inspirational! Anyway, this LO was supposed to be about how I see things differently ever since I started scrapbooking. I actually use my eyes more, instead of merely just looking without taking in things. It has kinda heighten my senses and I suddenly see inspiration everywhere around me now!

Rite, off to finish up more Xmas cards... groan.... will be so glad when Xmas is over! TTFN!

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

>>> Mojo In Overdrive! <<<

Can't stop creating so did another LO with this photo that I've wanted to scrap for a while but couldn't find the right papers for them!

Brought this Fancy Pants paper a while back and had forgotten about it and while looking for a paper for this photo, suddenly it just clicked with the photo! I had bought some musical notes chipboard a while back with the intention of using it with this photo. Then I even managed to find a musical sheet on the net to use it for my journalling strip. Keep it simple so as to focus on the photo! I've no doubt there will be more of such photos in years to come!

Sitting on my butt with regards to Xmas cards.... why do hubby have to leave me to do it??? Best get it sorted out.... TTFN!

Monday, 11 December 2006

>>> On A Roll! <<<

Been a little productive today and created 2 LOs. Decided to spend less time online as time passes far too quickly when you're online... a mere 20 mins can turn to 2 hrs!!! Anyway, here's what I did:

Played with my new Dream Street papers that I acquired recently . Had a slight accident when doing this LO. While stamping the numbers, my inkpad fell direcly onto the journalling stripe thereby leaving the ink pad mark! You can only imagine my frustration as I didn't want to waste the sheet of paper so decided to mimic the mark by adding more inkpad onto it instead.

(Apologies as LO has been accepted for publication)
Recently acquired this particular highly sought-after Fontwerks Fresh Foilage stamps. I'm absolutely in luv with it and decided to dedicate a page to it. Hence the numerous stamps used on this particular LO. And as the title implies, I'm seriously addicted to stamps! I really had fun doing this LO. Made use of my recently acquired Brillance Dew Drop inks too... those are absolutely superb! Luv the sheen from the stamped image!

Went grocery shopping and ended up with a book!!! Now that's a surprise as I hardly read these days but it was a Jeffrey Archer book and I luv his stories. He's a master storyteller and I must have read all the entire books that he wrote. Hence, had to pick up his latest one. I would have picked up more as Michael Cricton (sp?) had a new book out called Prey that sounded interesting. My other fav author is Robert Goddard. A new book came out too and I was so tempted to pick it up as well... however, I was wondering how to manage reading and scrapping as the latter takes up my entire leisure time these days!

Hardly done anything about Xmas cards.... ohhh what a flippin tedious task to do.... moreover it's all hubby's side. Thankfully my family don't do Xmas so we never bother with sending cards! It would be nice in future if cards took the cyber route.... TTFN!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

>>> More Xmas Pressies! <<<

Hubby finally got his butt moving and purchase Ollie's Xmas bike. He needs a new one as the current one is a little too small for him. He's gonna fix up the current one for Zac to use. We had wanted to go to the shops to get some stuff but it started to rain and I just couldn't be bothered so we stayed at home instead. I started making the Xmas cards for the boys' classmates. Can I say how tedious it is and what a bore! There I was itching to do a layout instead! I made it quite simple, a tag with stamped images. My boys will add the finishing touches such as adding sequins to the trees and signing their name (well, at least Ollie will).

Now we need to find what to get for Zac... frankly, I don't wanna get any more toys for him as he's such as destroyer... all he does is take them apart and scatter the piece everywhere! So annoying having to hunt them down, put them together only for him to repeat the same scenario! He just doesn't appreciate them! God knows why he does it as Ollie never used to do such things at that age!

Rite, off to finish the cards... let's see if I can squeeze in a LO! TTFN!

Saturday, 9 December 2006

>>> Chinese Concert! <<<

Instead of chinese class, the organisation held a concert instead and Ollie was acting in it. Well, he didn't say much but merely mimic animals and pointed to his body parts when the songs were played. Can't say he can speak yet but hopefully one day!!!

Did a LO using the Dream Street papers and boy was it fun:

Created a LO of myself. I hardly scrap myself and to think I buy all these stuff and not use on myself... what a pity so here goes... well, at least my boys will have a page about their mom. I struggle to find themes to do about myself but decided to do one on my freckles! It's pretty unusual for a Chinese girl to have freckles as it's considered ugly and many a times I've been asked to buy lotions/creams to get rid of them. But I luv my freckles and find them unique... I just have to make sure they don't multiply too much and overwhelm my face instead! Played with my Fontwerks and Purple Onion stamps!

That's it for today... TTFN!

Friday, 8 December 2006

>>> The Dreaded Word! <<<

Another Friday has arrived, signalling how close we are to Xmas! Frankly, I really dislike the fuss surrounding Xmas and much prefer to go away from it all. I used to do that when I was younger... my family don't really celebrate Xmas so I would take the opportunity to travel overseas, any country in the Far East, just to get away from the commericalism of Xmas. These days, Xmas is pretty meaningless, just lots of advertising to get you to part your cash unnecessarily. Even the kids get drawn into it! My boys get toys constantly so what difference does Xmas makes? Just more toys again! And then there's the unwanted gifts you get from well-meaning relatives... or you find yourself having to get something for someone despite not knowing what they really want... god! What a hassle! If flights weren't double the price at this time of the year, I guess I would have flown home!!!

Oh well, having said that, went to the PO to post out a Xmas swap that I'm in at the Scrapitude forum. Then had a browse around the shops and picked up some items for Xmas for hubby & the boys. If I don't start now, they will have nothing to unwrap for Xmas. Managed to pick up a few packets of lovely buttons at a charity shop too. I luv getting buttons from there due to the different shapes, textures and colours you can find. I find scrapbooking buttons look the same and just doesn't give the oomp! Picked up some clipboards too... am going to make an altered one for Ollie's teacher as a Xmas gift.

Guess I had better do something instead of lingering online! TTFN!

Thursday, 7 December 2006

>>> Ohhh, Stash! <<<

Ohhh, postie brought me a pizza box yesterday and thinking it was my DT kit, ripped open to find an unfamiliar set of patterned papes with cardstocks, blossoms and ribbons. They were Dream Street Papers Daisy Days, which I had been eyeing but refrained from ordering... thankfully I didn't!

Gorgeous aren't they! These were part of the Xmas page swap that I took part on the Scrapitude forum. Hoping my swappee like hers!

Why is it when you have to do the school run, it's tipping down! And why is it when you have completed the errand, the sun comes out!!! Just so annoying as it causes traffic jams on the school road and loads of other hassles! Gosh, looking forward to the holidays when I don't have to get up so early to bring them to school....

My long awaited Fontwerk Fresh Foilage stamps have arrived! Got the last piece at A Million Little Things along with other Fontwerk stamps. Gosh those stamps rawked! Just can't wait to have a play with them! TTFN!

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

>>> Pride! <<<

Oliver performed in a violin concert today. He has been attending violin lessons held after school, taught by the council under the East Birmingham Strings. Gosh, the pride in me, seeing him sitting down playing the violin in an orchestra. Wow! And he played well. MIL came along too and she was clearly impressed. I'm gonna make sure he pursues music as it does him good. He felt so proud of himself. I took a couple of pictures and some video shots.

Photo's awful as I had to use the zoom and somehow it doesn't take well with zoom. Besides, it was dark in there too. But here's my baby playing the violin in a concert!

Didn't do anything creative today as I was busy sorting out some Xmas pressies. I'm in a couple of Xmas scrapbooking swap and they are due to be sent off soon. It was fun pulling a mini kit together. Just hope my swappee enjoys them.

Here's a DT LO that I did for Scrapitude as it's being revealed today:

LO created using Dec kit apart from the stamps. The next reveal is on the 20th.

Right off to finish up more assignments... TTFN!

>>> Create! <<<

Gosh, I've been naughty and bought some Brillance Dew Drop inkpads over the weekend as well as some goodies for an Xmas swap (but that's excusable). I'm really digging those inkpads. I guess I luv the sheen it produces after stamping. They give such clear image too. Best of all, they don't stain clear stamps. I'm pretty anal about my clear stamps getting dirty... well, since I spent so much on them, might as well look after them!

Did another LO using Scrapitude Dec kit but can't reveal as yet. Let's just say that those papers make it so easy to play. TTFN!

Sunday, 3 December 2006

>>> Sunday! <<<

Darn boys woke up mega early this morning, I reckon before 7am.... The only time I can get a lie-in and they have to spoil it! Got hubby to sort them out instead! It was 9ish when I went down for brekkie.

Decided to set the Xmas tree up instead. Boys were excited as they luv putting up the decorations.
Hubby wanted to get new lights for the tree as the current one wasn't safe so we walked to Woolworths and got a set of LED lights. Here's the tree at nite:

Excuse the blurriness as I took it without a tripod but the lights are lovely!

Had to nip into Wing Yip, the Chinese supermarket to stock up on Chinese groceries. Piss me off big time that Chinese foodstuff are so expensive here since it's what we eat daily. There is absolutely no way I can eat Western meal everyday... just not my taste buds. God I really miss my Chinese has made me crave even more for it!

I actually had a nap in the afternoon! Gosh, I can't remember the last time I took an afternoon nap but it felt so good! However, it did spoil my sleep at nite! Flu's slightly better. TTFN!

Saturday, 2 December 2006

>>> Darn Flu! <<<

I should have gotten a flu jab! Keep coming down with flu in this weather! I had to cancel going to a crop today as I didn't feel up to it with a running nose. Besides, didn't want to pass my flu to anyone.

However, any chance of resting was blown out of the window as hubby wanted to check out the bikes at Halford. We are thinking of getting one for Ollie for Xmas as he's due one. His current bike is a wee bit too small for him. As for Zac, we thought of getting him a motorised car. He certainly enjoyed those motorised rides he had when he was in Singapore. Will see what happens later.

In the afternoon, we headed to the German market after dropping Ollie off at Mandarin class. The only thing I like about it is the roasted sweet nuts that is sold there. Mmmmm absolutely yummy. Then Zac insisted on going on the Slide. So hubby had to accompany him as he's far too young to go on his own.

Here's how the slide looks like... no ordinary one. Went on one last year and it was darn scary especially going down as you really gather speed toward the end and you got no control whatsoever!

Have to say after the slide down, he appeared shell-shocked (probably at the speed he was going down! )

Eventually we got home and I zonked out on the sofa, totally knackered but felt refreshed actually. I guess the fresh air must have done me some good. However, would have preferred to be at a crop! TTFN!

>>> Mere Ramblings! <<<

Whee! Just found out I've won the Nov Goal's challenge on Scrapitude. Cool! December's challenge will be very interesting as it doesn't include any photos! Thankfully my last goal don't need any photos! :)

On the sad side, I've lost my fav earring. It's a cute jade dangling earring and somehow it must have come out from my right ear without me knowing. Looking for it in the house but to no avail... The only place I went was to the PO to collect a parcel, and to the boys' school. Not sure if I dropped it there. So annoying as I had it repaired once when it dropped the first time. Luckily I managed to find it but not before it was squashed by my car tyres. This time, can't even see it anywhere! Sigh! Don't think my mom will be too pleased as she gave it to me.

Did 2 LOs today, one of which is for Scrapitude kit. Gotta check out the kits.... lovely papers and she has them for both male and female versions. I've got the male version, blues and greens. The female consisted of orangy hues. I had fun doing the first LO. The other LO was done using Fancy Pants papers. Had some of them in my collection and thought I had better used it.

This is from the Wildheart collection. I so luv their papers! Oh and made use of Hambly Prints overlay too... totally 'heart' their products! And yup, played with my stamps too.

Ahhh, I'm A Celebrity has ended today. Matt was crowned King of the Jungle although I wish Myleene was the winner instead! Gosh, that programme has kept me truly entertained and it's gonna leave a gaping hole now at 9pm. Never laughed so much at David Gest antics! Oh well, back to CSI I guess! TTFN!