Tuesday 1 July 2014

~ On Display: Pink Reptile Designs ~

Here are some pages done using Pink Reptile Products.

Pink Reptile Designs: Wrap N Roll, Lubdub, Chunky Crochet, Buttons
Font: Tangie AJF Mock Turtle

Pink Reptile Designs: Superstitious
Fonts: Telegraphem, Teacher's Pet

Pink Reptile Designs & Danielle Young: House Blend
Font: Pea HeidiQ

Pink Reptile Designs: Bloom, Torn Treasures, Spring Is, Chatterbox

Font: Pea Heidi Jo 

Pink Reptile Designs: All Stitches, A Touch Of Paint, Bingo, Word Up
Font: Pea Kathryn

Pink Reptile Designs: Yoyos, Dogeared, Reverie
Font: Pea Jack and Jane

Pink Reptile Designs: About Elements, Corked Alpha, Forget Me Not Papers
Font: Pea Christen

Pink Reptile Designs: Gone To The Beach, Summer Talk, Feel The Breeze
Font: Pea Cari

Pink Reptile Designs: Posh Paperies, Drawn To You, Say What
Fonts: Love Ya Like A Sister, Pea Lyndal, Stampede

Pink Reptile Designs & Studio Basic: Silly
Font: Ten O Clock

Mirjam never fails to deliver fantastic products. I always enjoy designing with her stuff. TTFN!

Monday 30 June 2014

~ On Display: GIS ~

It's been a long time since I've showcased any of my pages. Here are some pages made for Get It Scrapped blog. It's a blog filled with interesting articles on scrapbooking, almost like a magazine except it's online. The article will certainly get you out of a rut if you happen to be experiencing one!

Using Large Scale Geometric Print Background article.

Wing Motif article.

Using Tulle article.

Linocut Looks article.

Retro Filtered Photos article

Using Text as part of Page Design article.

Retro Tech Motifs article.

Trendy Brush Script Element article.

Using Glitter article.

Layered Stenciled Work article.

Arrange Photos & Elements with a Bracket Foundation article.

Inspired by Woodland Scenes article.

My pages are linked to the articles. There are a lot more articles on the blog to aid in scrapbooking, both traditional and digital. I find them a great source of inspiration especially if you wanna add a little oomph to your pages. I certainly find that the themes I have to work to produce the pages are my best as it makes me look outside the box and come up with ideas how to scrap them. I really love those pages that I produced! Did I say those articles are free to read too! TTFN!

Saturday 28 June 2014

~ Shoes ~

I do have a couple of indulgences and they are handbags and shoes. These are the two I find it hard to resist. One of my favourite brands of shoes is Crocs. These days they do really swanky pairs and they are very comfortable to wear. In fact, I do own quite a few pairs of Crocs and I alternate wearing them just so I do not wear them out. 

Anyway, while surfing around, I found these...

I saw this pair of Huarache Flat in Singapore last year and was enthralled by the colours. I did try them on and they were really comfy! However, as I was about to return to the UK, didn't get it (wouldn't have the chance to wear them in the UK not with autumn/winter coming). Checked back a few months later and they were on sale so they went into my basket and is waiting for me in Singapore.

 I saw this pair of Angeline Graphic Loafer and really luv the colour and design. It's so unusual! But they didn't have it in my size! Then last week, saw them in the sale, had my size and just had to get them. They are now waiting in Singapore for me. Actually saw them online in Crocs Singapore. I can't see them anywhere else in other countries. Just hope they are comfy! Taking a big risk here!

Read the reviews for this pair of shoes (Patricia) and love the heels on them. I'm not keen on wearing flats and prefer my shoes/sandals with slight heels. I wanted a red one which is more attractive but the black one was on offer so went for it. Well, being black I guess I can wear them with any clothes! Again, waiting for me in Singapore! Looks like I won't need to bring any pairs of shoes with me to Singapore for holiday this year...

I saw this pair of Retro Sneaker online in Crocs UK. Now that I do Zumba twice a week, I do need a pair of proper shoes as the ones I'm currently using have a curvy sole and it's not easy doing Zumba with them. I picked them today. Sad to say they are on the small side. I went for 4 1/2 size but they are just too tight. Shame as the shoes are so comfy and light too. And I simply love the colour!!! Anyway, I'm returning them and ordering a size up as they will be perfect for Zumba! It's a shame that in some Crocs shoes, UK4 fits perfect while in others, I have to go for UK5. Crocs sizes are not consistent at all!!! 

Now I don't like wearing flat flip flops. So when I saw these Capri IV Leopard Print Flip Flop on UK Crocs site, I was bowed over. They look stunning and I luv the slight heels on them! Received them and tried them around the house. They are of a relaxed fit so they are loose on the feet but it doesn't affect walking about in them. They are ever so comfortable and light too! And I love the massage pod on them. Definitely worth getting another pair for keeps!

 I came across these on the UK Crocs site. Now I've been wanting a pair that I can use on the beach, pool etc. and these seem perfect for it! Typical me went for the pink one 

I think they look gorgeous! I'll probably use them if there's any water activity about as I don't particularly like walking barefooted.

A girl can't have too many shoes!!! Hopefully they will last me this whole year. I don't mind buying them as they are ever so comfy as I can walk for miles in them. No other pairs of shoes have come close to the comfort level of Crocs. And they have certainly re-invent themselves coming out with really funky, swanky pairs! TTFN!

Friday 27 June 2014

~ On Display: Jenni Bowlin Studio ~

Wow! Time flies! Well, this year certainly has!!! Half the year is almost gone. It'll be Christmas before we know it! For me, I'm dreading it as major changes will be taking place soon and I'm soooo not looking forward to it!

Anyway, have been busy creating but not uploading. Here are some layouts done using Jenni Bowlin Studio products. 

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Be Our Guest Collection, Transferware Flowers, Printed Tickets Stars & Stats, Block Alpha Red On Black
Erica Coombs: Count Your Memories (overlay)
Celeste Knight: Watercolour Overlays (overlay)
Anna Aspnes: Doily Edge Overlays No2 (overlay)
Font: A Year Without Rain

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Haven Collection, Vintage Number Cards, Block Alpha Red On Black, Block Alpha Navy On Green, Die Cut Perforated
Gennifur Bursett: This Is Why (doily)
Font: Old Typewriter, Pea Carolyn

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Playdate Collection, Playful Embellishment Kit, Days Of The Week Banners, School Day Alpha
Katie Pertiet: All Laced Up No2
Anna Aspnes: Artsy Edge Frames No1, Doily Edge Overlays No2
Font: Pea Button

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Trendy Collection, County Fair, Pearl Baubles
Word Art World: Piano Word Art, Music Memories, Vintage Calendar, Speech Bubbles
Vicki Robinson Designs: Music In Me
Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Concerto (violin brush)
Val C Designs: ArtBook Freedom (lace)
Julianna Kniepp Designs: Love Of My Life (leaves & flowers), Fly (paint)
Font: Pea Brooke

Luv her stuff! Luv it even more when combined with grungy effects! TTFN!

Sunday 20 April 2014

~ On Display: Courtneys Digiscrappin ~

I played with Urban Scape kit by Courtneys Digiscrappin and came up with this: 

This page is about my observation of the roads in India. All I can say is it's a chaotic but organised mess on the roads. You have cars, buses, lorries, motorbikes, automobile rickshaws everywhere but somehow, they do give way to each other. Oh and they luv to horn a lot! I think their hands are perpetually stuck to the horn and all I hear is the constant horning on the road. Our driver told us that it's a warning to the driver in front that someone is coming from behind but I find it quite disconcerting. There is no regards for traffic lights (those on motorbikes are the worst culprits) and most roads don't have lines. Motorbikes are the main means of transport for most people including ladies. You can even see a family on a single motorbikes too. Oh and helmets aren't compulsory. It does takes a while to get used to it. 

The Urban Scape kit is available at Scrap Art Studio and is currently on sale. TTFN!

~ On Display: Vicki Robinson Designs ~

Recently joined Vicki Robinson's creative team. I have actually designed with her stuff over at Scrap Art Studio but luv them so much that I applied for her team and was accepted. She recently came up with a new kit called Happy and here's my page: 

Well, this page documents my trip to India. We had a 9 hrs layover at New Delhi airport and it was a nightmare! We had to re-checked our luggage at the domestic airport and waited three hours before the counters opened. Then an hour in the queue as they seemed to want to chat among themselves instead of serving passengers! Really frustrating! I had pre-booked a private lounge within the departure hall but I could only access it upon checked in so you can imagine my annoyance at the delay in check-in.  Oh well, this is India! Thankfully my two boys are seasoned travellers and put up with this blip without complaining. They certainly did help themselves to the buffet upon arriving at the private lounge. 

Vicki's currently guesting at Oscraps and her kits are 30% off.

Here's another one done using her Almost Spring kit: 

Her kits are fun to play with. TTFN!

Tuesday 1 April 2014

~ On Display: Jenni Bowlin Studio ~

Just realised how long it has been since I updated my blog. Well, not easy being a single mom who has to do everything now and there is just not enough time in a day to do what I want! Hubby is currently working overseas so I'm left to hold the fort here. It has been tough but somehow I'm coping well. I've been busy with work, boys' schedules and running the house so much so that I'm knackered at the end of the day. 

Anyway, here's a page done with Jenni Bowlin products: 

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Modern Mercantile, General Store Postage Kit, Jeweled Butterflies, Block Alpha Red On Black, Baby Boy Bingo Card Kit
Julianna Kniepp: A Slice Of The Good Life, Fly Away From Here
Traci Reed: Slipin9
Font: Pea Gretchie

Will be back with more pages. TTFN!

Tuesday 4 March 2014

~ Woot! ~

Long absence but February has been a very busy month for me. The first of many changes took place and can't say I'm happy about it but have to go along with it. 

On a happy note, I've been selected on the Jenni Bowlin Studio Digital Team. Looking forward to playing with their stuff again! TTFN!