Wednesday, 29 August 2007

>>> Good Bye Dad & Mom! <<<

Yup, early this morning at 6am, we set off for Manchester airport. Arrived there within 2 hours and I helped checked my parents in. However, as they are holding staff tickets (courtesy of my brother who works in Singapore Airlines), they had to wait until 9.15pm. Then we were informed that flight was full and they were awaiting 2 passengers. If these two didn't turn up, then my parents would get the seats! Hence we spent a nervous 15 mins looking out for 2 hassled passengers. Thankfully they never arrived and my parents were checked in. Gosh dad must have been so relieved. I was a bit sad as I would have love them to stay longer but they were already getting homesick!

As we said our goodbyes, I felt fine! Then Ollie turned to me and said he wanted his grandad and tears rolled down from his eyes! God, that brought tears out from me too and I had to console him while trying to choke my emotion. Gosh, didn't realise how his grandad's departure had affected him. He really looked so sad.

We got home and I told hubby that the boys needed uniforms. So MIL came along with us to Marks & Spencer where we got the essentials for the boys and new shoes for Zac. Thankfully that's out of the way. Just find it such a hassle getting all these things!

Back to scrapping in the evening as I've got deadlines to fulfil! I guess life is back to normal then... well, I'm glad I've got assignments to do otherwise I would be brooding and feeling depressed! TTFN!

>>> Last Day With Parents! <<<

Sigh! I can't believe that my parents stay are coming to an end. Today it's their last day here as they have to leave fairly early next morning for Manchester to catch a 10am flight. We kept it quiet today and they stayed at home to rest. I celebrated my mom's birthday as well. Her's is the 13th Sept but since we are not around, we decided to do it earlier. Have to say she's was taken aback but very pleased!

Well, we did popped into Melbrick Garden Centre to pick some plants for the new plot that has been cleared. Hubby cooked mom's fav dinner ... a typical English Sunday roast lamb! She liked it the last time we cooked it and decided to do another one as I doubt very much that she will get them in Singapore.

Later the boys gave them a mini album (that I had made and will be shown later). There were photos of the boys with them and some highlights of their stay here. I think it touched them a lot.

As for myself, been feeling pretty teary and trying not to think about them leaving. Gosh, really miss them a lot knowing that I only get to see them once a year!!! Sometimes wish I could live much closer to them. I'm pretty close to my dad and I do miss him dearly and knowing that he's growing older, I want to spend more time with him. He's so good with the boys as well, playing with them and pampering to their needs, just as he did with my brothers and moi! It's such an irony that the boys have a grandad that lives nearby but hardly ever want to see them and one that lives thousand of miles away and yearns to be with them and calling them every week just to hear their voices!!! Life can be so unfair!!! TTFN!

Monday, 27 August 2007

>>> Flea Fair! <<<

That was where we went today at Malvern Three Counties Showground! My parents have been watching a lot of antique shows and they liked it! They wish there were something similar in Singapore but unfortunately, Singaporeans are too posh to want to buy second-handed stuff!!!

We were all kinda split up the moment we got there. I ended up on my own and boy did I have a great time rammaging about the stalls. As usual I was on a look-out for scrapping items and I did get a fair number of unusual buttons and crochet lace. The lace was a great find and I must have spent about £15 on both items! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to look at all the stalls and had to search for the missing parties in my group. We did catch up in the end! The boys were given £1 each and Ollie found a transformer gun!
Zac found himself a huge ugly looking toy (which I'm sure will be chucked aside as soon as he has had enough!)The fair was interesting but I found that unless you know what you want, it can be pretty aimless just merely looking about. I knew I wanted some crochet lace and I'm glad I got them. TTFN!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

>>> Shropshire Country Fair! <<<

It was a brillant day today and we went to the Shropshire Country Fair in Telford. It wasn't what I had expected and there weren't a lot of interesting stalls to be honest. A bit of rip-off I think and I definitely won't go back. I've been to a lot of country fairs before and this one didn't live up to its reputation!

One of the kiddies activities that the boys enjoyed. I tried it once a while back when I had to bring Zac with me and I think I screamed more than he did!!! Absolutely hate heights and it scared the hell outta me!

Thankfully Zac could do it on his own and he really enjoyed it!

The boys had a go at archery and they did well!

My parents with their grandsons.

Finally a family photo!


Saturday, 25 August 2007

>>> New Plot Of Land! <<<

When we changed the heating in 2005 from oil to gas, we had a large oil container at the back of the house. It was an eyesore and today, hubby spied an advert and called up to make enquiry. The outcome: the oil container was removed and we cleared a plot of land. It sure as hell brought more light to the area too!

The empty space that was previously taken up by the oil tank. Unfortunately, I wasn't told about it and lost a perfect opportunity to take pictures!!!

Hubby then decided to clear the area and got rid of the quince plant.

The result: a plot of land cleared! God knows what hubby intends to do with it. Moi and garden don't mix hence I leave it entirely to him!


Friday, 24 August 2007

>>> The Parks! <<<

Brought the boys to Sheldon Park to expand their energy. Weather was glorious! Bright and sunny and I made sure they were whoshed with loads of sunblock lotion, moi included. As much as I love the sun, I hate being burnt and doesn't help that I do tan VERY easily! There's a farm near the park and the boys had a look.
Zac loves animals and couldn't help feeding some grass to the horse.

Then we took a long walk where we could do a bit of plane spotting. Unfortunately, there were more planes coming down instead of going up. Caught an Emirate plane coming down and it reminded me that it would have been the plane we would have come back on if we had gone to Singapore.

Got home for lunch and had a rest in the afternoon. In the evening, together with my dad, brought the boys to the nearby playground.

Zac had a ride on his bike. Unfortunately Ollie's bike wasn't fixed up so he couldn't use it. He wasn't too pleased about it.

Grandad playing footie with Ollie. He literally adores the boys!

It's harder to get them to sleep in the nite during the hols as they have a tendency to want to stay up and by then, I have had enough of them and am thoroughly knackered!

Can't say I've done much scrapping as I'm too tired to be honest. The boys sure wear me out and I just want to pig out in front of the telly at nite. Watched Grey's Anatomy and boy was it so exciting! Gosh that series is just so gripping! Kinda leave you begging for more! Have been playing with the boys' Nintendo Ds too. Kinda hooked onto this game called Touchmaster. There's 23 games in there and divided between puzzle, skill and cards. Luv all 3 categories and it's just so addictive. You tell yourself you'll stop but when the game end, you just have to have another go again. Not surprising my scrapping has suffered!!! Gosh, I've been commissioned to do a LO and although I know what I'm gonna do, it's hard to get started! Doesn't help that the deadline is next week! I'm also hoping to make a mini album for my parents before they leave next Wed.... let's see if that gets accomplished on time! TTFN!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

>>> I'm Back! <<<

(Apologies for the late updates! I save them as drafts and inevitably forget to publish them!)

Yah! Back from holidays! Can't say I really enjoyed it that much as it was one of those Butlins type of hols and frankly I detest that kind of holiday! Trust hubby to book something so darn boring! Well, it was recommended to him by his sis and family who went earlier this year. All I can say is I tried and won't go back again. The caravan was nice, no complaints but I would have preferred another location as it was in Poole, an area that I'm very familar with. No fun spending holidays in an area that you already know!!! Just in case you're interested, it's a caravan resort by Weststar Holiday Parks.

My parents enjoyed the stay in the caravan as it's an experience for them. My dad enjoyed playing at the arcade especially the slot machines. We did win a few stuff toys for the boys! I brought the boys to participate in the events that were organised although I can't say they liked it very much. Ollie complained that he felt bored! Zac made his boredom felt via his facial expressions! Oh well, at least we did try to take part! All I can say is next year, I'm taking charge of the holiday plans! Trust hubby to make a mess outta it and as a result, we're well and truly stuck in this country this year instead of travelling abroad! All I can say is next year, I'll be heading home for Singapore with the boys and if hubby doesn't feel incline, he can jolly well stay put here... I won't be that bothered!!!

I leave with some highlights of the trip!!!

The caravan that we stayed in. Living area was spacious but the bedroom areas were pathetically narrow. Makes me wonder how an obese person would be able to squeeze in there! Seriously!!!

Durdle Door beach. While we were there, there was a slight incident that involved some helicopter rescue and it made it to the news! Some stupid bloke decided to climb to the top of the curvy edge and jump down into the sea. He was knocked out unconscious but not fatal! Why would anyone want to do something so silly is beyond comprehension! Lovely beach but very difficult to get to unless you are prepared to climb down steep steps. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

The boys playing at a beach in Swanage. Yup, we did visit a few beaches around! Can't get enough of them when you don't have them where you are living!!!

We were fortunate to celebrate my dad's 76th birthday on 13th August! Happy Birthday Dad!

One of our fav activities during our stay there... playing at the slot machines! Oh and also trying to win stuff toys for the boys!

Every Thursday (during the summer season), there's a firework display on Poole Beach hence, we were there that nite to witness it. But before it started at 10pm, there were some activities along the beach and rock climbing was one of them. I couldn't resist giving a go and climbed 3 walls! Man it felt good!!! Yup, I used to do it before in my youth and am mighty please that I can still do it now! :)

The Firework display... very impressive!

The boys' fav activity during our stay there... playing their Nintendo DS! That toy was a great bargaining tool when they misbehaved!

Friday, 10 August 2007

>>> LOs To Share! <<<

I'm now able to share the LOs created in the past few days. From Back Porch Memories:

A 12x6 LO using Basic Grey Infuse papers

Using Cherry Arte Poolside papers & BPM stamps

Using Basic Grey Infuse paper and BPM Aug stamp set.

BPM August sketch by Becky Fleck which I rotated to suit my photo. Made use of Rusty Pickle Mayflower papers.

Another LO using Cherry Arte Poolside papers

A card using Cherry Arte papers again. I'm surprised I used them so much but such yummy colours, why not!

From Homegrown, my last LO:
Using Rhonna Farrer Foilage & Making Memories Funky Vintage papers.

I'm off for a week's caravan holiday in Devon. Looking forward to it especially since it will be near the sea. Really miss the beach now that I'm living in a landlocked area! Funny how when I was in Singapore, surrounded by the sea, and I didn't bother too much about it but now, I kinda feel the loss more! Will catch up when I'm back! TTFN!

>>> Fruit Picking! <<<

Brought the boys and my parents to Essington Fruit Farm to pick fruits. SIL and her boys came along as well. Weather was great and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Zac picking a strawberry

Ollie and his haul!

Moi picking the raspberry. Gosh they are sweet!

Aren't they gorgeous!

The boys getting excited over a few piglets!


Sunday, 5 August 2007

>>> They Arrived! <<<

Yay!!!! My parents have finally arrived! A week ago, they almost cancelled the trip when Dad fell ill with food poisoning and two weeks ago, Mom caught shingles!!! Thankfully they were ok the week they were due to leave and they eventually boarded SIA flight to Manchester.

As they were due to arrive at 6.50am on Saturday, hubby had to leave early to go to Manchester. Unfortunately, he failed to set the alarm for 5am and instead, woke up at 6am, thanx to my phone alarm. I had set it in order to get up early to scrap! (Well, I've got loads of DT LOs to fulfil). So of course he was late in reaching Manchester. Thankfully I had sent a text to my Dad informing him of the delay!

It was so good to see my parents again! Their luggage was filled to the brim with stuff I had asked them to bring. Dad even bought a Nintendo DS for Zac including 5 extra games. That will put an end to the endless quarrels between the boys! Along with foodstuff, Dad got for me my Croc Sassaris! Whoopie! This particular design is so elegant as it has heels! I also received a pair of Mary Jane's too (although I'm not so keen on the white and it's a size bigger too!)

Knowing they didn't sleep on the plane, we let them chill out. The boys were engrossed in their DS and there was absolute silence in the house! I will have to monitor their usage though... can't have them playing all day long!

Another chilled out day for all of us. We had planned to go to the park but as Mom didn't feel like it, so we stayed in. Hubby did bring the boys out to the nearby park.

Typical Mom of mine, as usual, she was cleaning about and picking up stray leaves in the garden! Not that I'm complaining but I wonder why I'm not like that!!! She's so on with the housework! I did get her to do some sewing as I'm pretty hopeless in that area (although sewing on paper is a different matter altogether!!!)

We did book a week's holiday to Devon next week. Gonna be staying in a static caravan. Ohhh, the beach looks heavenly!!! Really miss the sea. Let's hope the weather stays sunny.

Rite, need to do some creating.... wanna get them all done before I leave... TTFN!

Friday, 3 August 2007

>>> Rockin' Girl Blogger! <<<

Apparently, I've been tagged by Sam and gotta put this on my blog:

Good to know I've got visitors and thanx for coming by! Think I've gotta tag someone.... will be back with names.....

Got a few LOs to share now that they have been revealed! Firstly, from Little Silver Hat where I made use of the scrumptious August ribbons kit. Gosh, the colours are just amazing!

And there are what I came out with:

A decorated Provocraft lunch tin, a gift I made of Oliver's teacher.

An altered Heidi Swapp playing card.

LO of Ellen and moi when she came here recently. Hence the title 'We Meet Again'.

Another LO featuring Zac's fav toy at Nursery!

Then from Back Porch Memories, 1 LO to reveal August Medley kit:

LO created using BPM August Medley Basic Grey Infused papers and BPM Aug stamp set.

Finally from Homegrown Scrapbooks, their August Hybrid and Trilogy kit:

LO using Hybrid Cherry Arte papers. While waiting for my HG kit to arrive, I did this LO in order to submit before the 1st August. Thankfully I had some Cherry Arte papers on hand to play with.

LO created using Trilogy's Rhonna Farrer's Foilage papers combined with Making Memories Funky Vintage papers. In case you're wondering, it's a photo of what my son did when he had a slight 'accident' in the nite while sleeping! Rather than wake me up, he changed out of his wet PJ, put a towel over his wet bed and went back to sleep!!! The little rascal! I just had to record this down especially when I saw the towel on the bed in the morning and was wondering why!!!

I'm still in the process of churning out LOs for Homegrown as my kit arrived late! Can't help it when I'm at the mercy of the postal systems in both the US and UK! Thankfully got all my ideas jotted down and it's just a matter of creating the LOs!

Received a great email from Making Memories! They are gonna donate some stuff for the Charity Crop that I'm involved! How cool is that! Great company!

Rite, busy day for me.... gotta clean the house out as my parents are coming tomorrow, all the way from Singapore. Yah! Miss them dreadfully since I only see them once a year!

Update: Managed another LO:

Cleaned out the boys' room and their toys! Sorted out the babyish toys to chuck in the loft and threw out tons of little bits that they don't bother with! When I do clean, I do a thorough job and even tackled under my bed which was full of rubbish! It's amazing how much rubbish one can accumulate without realising it!!! Let hope it stay clean as it's unlikely I'm gonna be that industrious again. Wore me out and I feel awful now! Housework and moi just don't go together!!!

Thoroughly knackered and no mood to create! My parents arrive tomorrow... yippee! Off to nod land as Ollie has swimming lessons at 8.30am tomorrow! TTFN!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

>>> Bright & Sunny! <<<

Off to Shirley Park with the boys to meet Morag and her kids! Great day out with the sun shining! As usual, Zac had to fall and scrap both his knees! That boy definitely got wobbly knees! Leave you with some photos of them: